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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Jul 30, 2007.

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  1. Dac's has a video as you know of a bike 'in action' and as he starts out that familier clutch squeal (in case you're lucky enough not to have it) is apparant. One of my quirks is not stopping till an 'unsolvable' problem is addressed but this one has me by the globes.

    I feel like a pro at adjusting the pressure screw and have in my opinion set it as fine as any watchmaker against either slippage or overpressure which is easy enough to judge on either end of the spectrum.

    Has anybody found any trick at all to decrease this annoying squeal? Just fyi for anyone responding, there is the perfect 'bean' sized grease applied where the 2 gears mesh, I know the pressure screw is correct, my speeds are in the high 30's with a 40 tooth sprocket,a nice LIGHT glisten is formed on the drive chain from the grease, bike pulls at over 26 mph up some of CA's loooong mountain grades ... all's well but that **** annoying squeal ... anybody find a trick to lessen it ?

  2. rcjunkie

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    Yes, pedal. The squeal occurs when bike speed is not matched to engine speed. If you can do a better job synching the speeds, squeal would be virtually eliminated. There is no other way to eliminate it AFAIK.
  3. pedel ..

    No,junkie that's not it ... this is persistent even at 35mph on a level street ... funny though, it dipped down to about 55 degrees this morning and the squeal was virtually non exsistent. I guess your last part of your post said it best, as I'm not trying to fix something that only mine is doing i guess, but trying to fix something thats just 'the way it is' . It's no louder than it sounds in Dacs video but I thought there might be a chance some genius out there found a trick to soften it a bit, many thanks !
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    My squeal was driving me crazy. I did the same thing and swore that it was coming from the clutch. Then, after trying many adjustments, posting on here, pulling my hair, etc., I took off the 3 screw cover. Greased the carp out of everything that is easy to get to. Especially the little pin that sticks out of the middle of the drive gear. Greased the carp out of both sides, put it back, and my squeal was gone.

    Good luck on yours.
  5. locoWelder

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    Its the "Happy Time Humm" :rolleyes:
  6. gotta try that grakker ...

    That's about the only thing I havn't done ... I'll let you know !
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    Matching the speeds, the best way to slow wear on the clutch, when you get to know your motor well enough to match the speeds very closely, it took me alot of practice but I did this pretty well on my motorbike which had no pedals.
  8. Cold n greasy ...

    I'm still pondering the 55 degree dip the weather took this morning and suddenly the virtual squeal-less response from the motor ... I'm starting to suspect a heavier grease, the black 'stringy' one I havn't used in years might be in order because I'm betting the cold weather kept the lighter grease I'm using at a better viscosity, with the wind chill factor aiding as well to keep the engine much cooler than it's usual operating temp. Heh .. be nice to take a poll to see if east coast bikes have fewer squealing motors than west coasters ... probably some Canadian motorbiker right now going .. " Squeals ? squeals ? .... what squeals ? "