Adelaide-How it began with me (mb case study)

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by djase10, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    This is how it began for me,

    Twas a VERY hot summer in Feb 2006 when i finally bit the bullet & made the purchase of a 48cc from -(

    At this Stage the larger 70cc was'nt available,..

    Heavy package arrived less than a week later,
    and this is when the hassles, fury,errors ,trials, & ultimately enjoyment started.

    engine in the following pix are 48cc CHINESE

    using my Alloy DiamondBack-

    BUT First drama , ---As soon a i saw the motor, & had it in my hand , There were to be space issues :eek:



    Done the Rear wheel Anyway, as i was tad disillusioned ,
    need to think and that. :? :?
    Quietly while whistling & looking- up & to the side,----
    I removed my girlfriends Bike from the shed and accidentally bolted the motor onto it. :razz: . ,then the rear wheel,

    with the only issue i could see was the Fuel tank outlet below induction.

    No Worries I think-----------------------------------------

    YEah RIGHT javascript:emoticon(':mad:')


    An extended chain was used, but it was all a waste of time, as the chain (no matter how it would be tensioned / guided)
    would Make contact with -CASING /REAR DOWNBAR or ITSELF ..

    Just to get a little satisfaction (though HOLLOW) , i wanted a final product picture , so i continued by bolting the fuel tank & Handle bar gear ... Got the picture , then stripped the bike , as though it never happened (except for a few deep scratches in the aluminum frame..


    :? :? AGAIN...

    Spent the next or so week scouring second hand /pawn shops, but nothing was right, Or if so was a RIPOFF-(go new style prices)..
    Speaking of new
    Big w had a decent mid priced bike that was alloy & motor fitted (took the motor into the shop and fitted it to make sure-odd looks a plenty!

    Anyway --a friend Finds an old mountain bike in her long overgrown grass,(it had been powdercoated at 1 stage so rust on the frame wasnt an issue..
    & suited me just fine ==It was FREE :razz:

    This was it....
    The pedals -seized in cranks.. The front shocks were also seized,

    But this was it , this is when it gets good, when once you've done your first ride,
    you HAVE to ride>>>, ..
    EVEN then ,,when the blood in my hands had curdled,
    (due the lack of give in the front end)
    I just keep on it

    And even when dramas occur (& they DID),,
    It iwas a pleasure to fix, tinker & improve. the beast.....
    That is ............

    Until, a car wiped me out..
    Bike was trashed....

    I Was OK, Bit bruised /Couldn't straighten arm for a few days, but more OFFED about the bike.

    the end of that frame..
    Motor is OK also...

    Until my next one--------

    A 70cc..Purple & Black
    A bit rough
    Bought for $50 At Cash Converters.




    Scored this indicator assy of ebay.


    This was pretty solid with the 70cc (thou i have no pix of the motor fitted.)
    Though the motor was in run in stage when it was on this frame,
    Getting nearer to.. rings seeting , my rides could get longer,
    BUT not for LONG
    Only the result ...




    The frame was a Cro-Mo, but it did have some stess in the area it
    cracked,, in the form- of I reckon-- repaired Rust (acid treatment type),, and was pitted , but pre BREAK , wasn't a worry, .

    The bike felt so ODD at the moment it happenned,
    But i didn't Know it happened AT that POINT also.

    I was luckily only meters away from home when FloatY MOMENT occured.
    After a pretty good ride-

    Henley Beach -along cost-to- OuterHarbour around the point to
    Pt Adelaide ---Then back down Frederick Rd-- back to Henley beach..
    Google map it if you feel, a great ride.

    A bit of dejavu..
    THis is familiar to me ,now ive 2 motors No bike..

    Scouring again, ............................................
    This is the point where getting a mig welder overshadows rational decisions?

    driving down Peachy Rd Davoren Park (a long ways from home) ,
    -Out the corner of me eye A dodgy sign reads-"BIKES"
    Then i stuck it lucky-
    TopGun-Flight..$65--------------I dont need STEEL wheelz Mr, isaiz .
    ,I have many Nice alloy + COGfitted rear allready ..

    $50 -no wheels-SWEET.
    No worries -hez happy
    -Im In with a chance Of hitting the streets ASAP.
    And finish running in motor...

    This was done exactly on the day the other picks at Glenelg were taken.
    As in my other post.
    ADELAIDE-glenelg ..

    -Near Adelaide Airport (just past SkatePark)-
    & back wheel locks up @ about 60kmh..Fwew!!!what a rush

    Peddle home,Take head off,
    and cylinder has a nasty SCORE above the left hand scavenge port.
    :x WTF.. Ive had a guts full.
    I claimed for warranty, Slight debate about that, but they came to the party, but , due to delayed shipment/ then wrong parts in the next shipment, it took AGES for the replacement parts to get to my door.

    While waiting, and waiting for parts , I placed "bike " in shed and left it there, no time -other projects & that.
    Disappointed -disillusioned ......................................

    My parts have now arrived!! :smile:
    So i can continue my story.
    New cylinder + piston +rings.



    to be continued soon.

    Thanx for reading this story.

  2. mefonz

    mefonz Guest

    All that work and gone that fast :sad:
    Build another one right now :grin:
    The aluminum bike looked awesome the way the tank was mounted looked kewl :smile:

    Hope you you not hurt. :sad:
  3. What a great story.

    I laughed, I cried then I laughed again. :grin:
  4. funny story, it had a plot, various characters - I was really engrossed.
  5. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    :lol: accidents will happen...

    what an interesting story, it's cool you got pics, or we'd have never believed you (not true, we'll believe almost anything when it comes to the "happy-time") :)
  6. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Hi all.
    My bike fix has taken a back seat to a Newly acquired HONDA CT110 POSTIE BIKE.
    So all my spare time has been on that instead.
    But it wont be long before the honda is restored
    and and the TOPGUN - FLIGHT has my undivided attention ..
  7. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    I presume at 60km\hr you were going downhill with the clutch in cos that is the only way you'd hit that speed. Did the back wheel lock up because the rim failed or the chain came loose and got sucked in or both? Don't quite understand what caused the lock-up although I've had the same happen to myself but never at great speed. I don't think you'd survive a lock-up at high speed. Cycling Australia's magazine says that hitting a labrador at over 50 km\hr is usually fatal on a push-bike!
  8. will_start

    will_start Member

    what a great story from a fellow aussie, its amazing how a rusted up old
    bike still has life in it...well done and avoid cars, they hirt. WS
  9. djase10

    djase10 Guest


    Hi all again, its been a while, and it's time for me to get the TOP FLIGHT going again..

    Irish john -- I was on flat ground when it happened at full speed and top revs,
    When the back wheel locked , i was able to manouver the bike on to the dirt/grass on the side of the road--ie: (no curb or gutter to make me come off)..
    so yeah the back wheel LOCKed up due to a broken ring scoring the cylinder wall and the piston just FROZE...

    it took a LONG distance to come to a stop, but as the SKID was on dirt my rear tyre didnt burst.
    My speedo at the time of incident actually read higher than my quoted 60k/m , but i rounded it down to 60 in my story for the sake of any speedo "error" , but man it was flying and it was a HAIRY moment...

    Peace and stay safe on the road all..
  10. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    This is my Top Gun 'FLIGHT' just after completion and first run..
    Before any dramas..

    66cc From ZBOX

    as in my other post Adelaide to Glenelg Beach

    at Glenelg ( next to Patawalonga lake )

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  11. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    SOON i'll get up some pictures of my piston & cylinder removal procedure , AND the resulting INTERNAL damage of what happens when the Bottom ring breaks into 3 pieces at power band......
    So much so that the piston locked up..
  12. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Images of the cylinder and piston removal,
    & the damage..

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  13. djase10

    djase10 Guest


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  14. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    What's new?

    Djase, my garden is full of such items as shown in your pictures. That is what those engines do after a length of time. The length of time varies from very short to pretty short depending on how much you ride your bike as well as how hard you ride it. After a while it becomes much cheaper to buy a Whizzer or a decent 4-stroke. There was a batch of piston rings recently that all break just like yours. I've had 2 engines break rings shortly after running in and I nurture my motors like a baby. The only people who seem willing to put up with these motors are people who don't ride much or just love taking the motor to bits all the time and rebuilding them. Time to consign yours to a flower bed and buy something better. Stop now before it's too late. If I hadn't bought the 4 stroke my epitaph would have been:
    Here lies Irish John
    The bicycle stopped
    But he went on!
  15. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Your right irish J,
    I installed new piston - rings- & new cylinder, and after 1hr of soft riding
    with a 10 min stop at 1/2hr point , ===================

    it thru another ring ( this time the top ring)..
    I refuse spend another cent on this, thats for sure.
    The cylinders are as soft as cheese, perhaps if the cylinder was SLEEVED with a strong material, things may be different..

    Its fun at first to pull down the motor to the internals, but that wares thin pretty quickly
    when nothing but troubles are encountered.

    4 stroke, and a good 1, thats the only way out ..
    Peace --and stay safe on the roads ALL..
  16. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Lifan70cc/ & 49cc honda clone

    lifan 70cc 4speed. ebay @ $199+ $50 P&H=($AU)..
    width issues perhaps..
    Tempted but..

    Also by the same seller are what i believe to be
    HONDA 49cc clone, as seen in the last 3 pictures..

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  17. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    My son in law had this engine set up on a chinese mini chopper set up. It ran good for him for 2 seasons. But If I remember correctly, I think the total width was 14" I dont know what set up your planning, but I hope this helps.
  18. fatboy67

    fatboy67 Member


    You can't be serious!! MAN I'm from Adelaide the cops are not to bad on motorised bikes here, but that looks like it just come off a road bike you'll have to have room for peddles. Before I brought my set up just a 48cc I asked the cops what they thought about motorised bikes and the main thing they look for is if it's peddle assisted, they said if it's got peddles and they look like they are used on the bike, they are not that fussed. That thing you've got there 70cc 4 speed it would have to do 80-100 km. The cops I quized about motorised bikes also said,, as long as you're max speed is around 25-30km ( because of the bicycle helmet) Hahahah I could just Imagine you cruising at 80 plus km. They'll take one look and say WHAT THE &^)^*^%)^ Anyway good luck man I'm Jealous. Me saying all that will probably bring you good luck and you'll ride it for years no probs,, and i'll cruise down the street with my ****y 48cc and they'll pull me over and book the **** out of me.
  19. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Cheers Graucho, yeah thats about right,

    Hi Fatboy67,,
    Yeah the width would be the only hassle --the pedals would sort of not be connected to any thing ___, Just be welded in a nice position to access the gear leaver , as to still look like they are STOCK.....

    But yeah over Kill with the gears, i would prefer a semi-Auto 70cc, so thats what im on the look out for....

    As for the speed-- thats a bonus.......

    Yeah Nice Adelaide Police ,,hears a good one,
    Last year I interrupted a couple of wannna be thieves trying to BOLT CUTTER access my lockup (@ 3am)to steel the Motored Bike,-
    -- Well-they were frightened away quicksmart upon my arrival,,,
    I call the police ,
    He rocks up,
    I'm getting ready/ and a tad worried for the MAYbeeZZ /problem about the 200w legal limit ,
    TO My surprise He loves the bike, and only ONE question....
    He takes me to his car and he spins around a LCD screen thats on the NET,
    and he asks me where to get this kit from,
    and in a blink ..hes on the zbox web page....
    and says hes going to get a kit for his son.....
    Blew me away about the broadband cop cars,,, Excellent....
    Top cop.
    Stupid thieves
    True story...
  20. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Anywayz , back to the bike..

    I resurrected my old 49cc, and installed it in the ToPGuN FLIGHT..

    I had to fix an broken stud
    filled hole with
    Selleys Knead-It (Auto)

    then tapped 6mm thread..


    Its good that the 49cc and 66cc share the same mounting dimentions,,
    makes the transplant easy as..

    Here are some pictures...

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