Adelaide new commer here from OXZ

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  1. Happyzeds

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    Hi All,

    I've got the bug - had great fun building my bike ( I must thank Steve for giving me the courage to give it a go) I am now addicted.

    Nice touches are the fuel tank at the back and no chain tensioner which keeps the bike clean - your opinions please.

    I seek some guidance on maintenance for the gear box / centrifugal clutch which is currnently locked in gear.

    Happy Zeds

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  2. quay1962

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  3. Happyzeds

    Happyzeds New Member

    Thanks - alot of good reading
  4. Simon_A

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    Welcome to the growing community of motored bike riders.

    A very neat conversion there, well done !
  5. djase10

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    Hi from Henley Beach

    G'day and welcome to MBC.
    Very SMOOOVE chopper you have.

  6. ducatiluke

    ducatiluke New Member

    hi im in richmond adelaide s australia

    where did you get bike?
    what do you mean stuck in gear clutch allways engaged?
  7. fastboy9

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    Very nice chopper! I think I'm going to do something like this for next project! Give it the proper chopper sound by running a straight exhaust pipe (no silencer) would sound great, not sure if the neighbours would like it though. If the centrifugal clutch is stuck in gear then that means one of the springs has either snapped or has come out of its hole. Very easy fix, springs are cheap.

    Welcome to the forum, have a good read through as there is tons of info to help you out.

  8. Happyzeds

    Happyzeds New Member

    Ducati luke,

    Bike was purchased from Standish cycles on henley beach road - they said it was the last one that Southcotts the importer had.

    I'm keen to know if people are running wet gearbox with gear oil or dry gearbox using solidification lubrication - heavy duty gear grease.
  9. Irish John

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    Hi Happy Zedds, Welcome to MBc. Is that a Grubee gearbox or the JL Hoot?
    Where did you get the kit? If it's Grubee gearbox I think most people use grease. I live near Byron Bay and I use large amounts of a white lithium grease called MPG Universal Marine Grease made by Rock Oil Company from UK and available in motorbike shops in Oz. It works well. Any good heavy gear grease with lithium would be good. Not sure about the JL Hoot box but they've had bad reports here. I'll know more about them soon when I get one. There are so many members from Adelaide that you'll need a clubhouse soon.
  10. Happyzeds

    Happyzeds New Member

    Thanks John,
    I have inserted a large amount of lithium grease and it seems to work better now. I m sure that its a JL Hoot and definitely not a Grubee - I got it from Yong Xing Machine Zone in China
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  11. Irish John

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    Great Happyzeds, keep us posted on the Hoot cos you are a guinea pig so to speak and not many people here seem to know much about these gearboxes. The motors are good I think but the jury's still out on the gearbox. The good thing about lithium grease is that lithium helps treat depression if your gearbox blows up! (just joking)
  12. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Welcome to MBc.
    That bike is very nice and credit to Steve, he's helped me out when my bike was broken one hot day and saw that bike in it's early stages. Good to see it all done.

    All the Best

  13. Happyzeds

    Happyzeds New Member

    Bolts m,

    You are a very keen observer - yes Steve has the very same model and he did it first but my bike was not able to be done by Steve due to his high work load. I must give him the majority of credit as he fitted the rear sprocket for me but the rest I did . Seve has his fuel tank on the front mine is at rear. Hade I not seen his bike I would not had the " I want one of those" sensations as did one mature gent at the shops today when I collected the paper this aftenoon causing a jam in the carpark as every one wanted to know where I got the bike from. it was great fun. Thanks again to Steve for providing the Idea and the consultant help and in future the custom exhaust.

    Very Happy Zeds
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  14. Hey Zed with the chopper, reminds me of a movie, whos motorcycle is this?, its a chopper baby, whos chopper is this?, its zeds baby, who's zed, zeds dead baby zeds dead. lol
    Pulp Fiction, wicked flick, I'm Phil, also a newbie and I know what you are saying about attention, my bike for sure aint the best looking but every where I go people want to know, Is that a wiper sniper motor mate?
  15. Happyzeds

    Happyzeds New Member

    I love the exhaust take off after that line - somehow my chopper aint the same sound ??and thankfully I'm a little healthier than the movie Zeds!!.

    Saw a dude on a two stroke today who was on the road behind parafield airport today and he was cracking along but had to use his shoes to stop at the mawson lakes lights and then reved in true chopper fashion at the lights. He was wearing a red fluro safety jacket and had the biky beard - was that you? your the bad man alright - good to see the adrenalin rush being enjoyed.

    Mate Zeds
  16. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Thanks for clarifying the chopper bike's history.
  17. cruiser66

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    Hi Happy Zeds,

    Your gearbox is the same as mine. A first gen JL Hoot with fill and drain plugs. I originally ran with just lithium grease, but the clutch action was harsh and noisy. I now use 5 to 6 ounces of 75W90 gear oil which works really well and allows the clutch to engage very smoothly. I will be using the 140 weight oil now that summer is almost here. Using straight gear oil might cause some "weeping" or foaming out of the vent/filler plug. This is how I fixed it. Note the added baffle in the before and after pix. Works 100%!:grin:


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  18. Irish John

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    5 to 6 ounces is 142 - 170 millilitres Happy Zeds - just so you don't have to put the oil in the kitchen measuring jug. I wonder if 140 weight oil is too thin for Adelaide in winter. Is it much thinner than 75W90 gear oil? Great to read about the JL Hoot gearbox. Incidentally with a fixed drive sprocket what happens if it throws a chain off. Does that mean you fly over the handlebars?
  19. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    Thanks Cruiser for mentioning the added baffle - wouldn't have noticed otherwise -but what did you need to install it for? Also in a hot climate like where I live what is wrong with 75W90 gear oil? I will be getting a Hoot soon and am keen to find out the best way to run it.
  20. cruiser66

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    Hi Irish John,

    The 85W140 oil is a higher viscosity and would be more suited for higher temperatures. My understanding of throwing a chain would be that you no longer have the connection from front to rear sprockets and you would coast, not lock up. However, if the chain wraps around the axle, problems could certainly happen. From what I've read here, the chain tensioner is the biggest cause of lockups and spills. A gear lockup in the JL Hoot should cause a keyway to break if driving at speed and no wheel lockup.