Adelaide-New legislation coming? /POLICE pulled me over today.

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by djase10, Oct 10, 2008.

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  1. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Hi All,

    Yeah , I was pulled over today on my Sting Ray (Cudmore Tce Henley Beach)
    (they thought it was a pit-bike from behind)...
    I killed the motor --
    and one of the cops SAY's
    OOHH is that one of them Motorized Push Bikes??

    I say yeah.

    He said what ::CC is it??

    I go 49cc, top speed of around 50kmh (haha)

    He's like-OK,
    but they (S.A Government) are bringing in new legislation that will require these to be registered..

    I said -that's a probably a good thing for the (personal Body) insurance aspect..

    The second cop said,
    you may want to consider a FULL FACE MOTORCYCLE HELMET , at that speed, the thing you are wearing would be torn to shreds!

    Off ya go , no worries........I ride off
    i did'nt go into details about the/any, new law,
    so while this may not be FACT YET, i have been told by an Authority..

    Who Knows when , but it's on the cards pehaps....

  2. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    I have sent an email to

    Regarding what i have been told,it reads as follows:
    Hello ,

    I am a rider of a legal 48cc motorized bicycle in Adelaide.

    Could you please tell me if there is a proposed /new legislation -

    --for Motorized bicycles to be Road registered in South Australia?

    I was told this today by a police officer from the Port Adelaide LSA.

    He did not go into details.

    Could you please confirm if this is true.


    Regards Jason
    I will update this as soon as i get a reply..
  3. JinbaIttai

    JinbaIttai Member

    I'd be cautious about those kinds of emails. Don't want to put any new ideas into a politician's head...
  4. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Sooner or later(much sooner than later) legislation will be inacted/inforced to severely restrict motored-bicycle usage.
    Adelaide would have to have the highest ratio of powered bikes in the world & unfortunately with this comes the yobbos.Geez,the sheer numbers of bikes by themselves are bound to attract unwarranted attention.
    If the government can see a way to gain $$$ they'll persue it,usually on the pretext of safety.
    I just hope i don't have to give-up this excellent hobby cos it gets all effed-up.
  5. loquin

    loquin Active Member

    Weren't there a couple of drunks riding HTs who had a head-on flaming crash in Oz a few weeks ago? That'll attract unwanted attention... :mad:
  6. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    If anyone from Adelaide(or South Australia in general) PROPERLY understands these new regulations could they please explain.....i'm getting more paraniod?
  7. dragunov78

    dragunov78 New Member

    i recently sold my bike becuase it was attracting way too much attention and i suffered severe parranoia....i now have a motorcycle instead as i don't want to deal with the police pulling me over on a motorised bicycle
  8. bjs

    bjs New Member

    Rego + third party for a <50cc is about $73 for 12 months, which isn't the end of the world. On the other hand, it would be bull**** if they deem them unroadworthy...
  9. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    Hi All.

    No response from Transport SA as yet, & looking unlikely that I will.

    I cant wait until this Grey area is black or white.

    I dont mind any cost (moderate) to ride safe with 100% peace of mind if the unfortunate were to happen (AGAIN).

    All the riders i've come accross in Adelaide Seem Quite responsible so far, with most wearing HI VISIBILITY clothing, (a MUST as far as i'm concerned)..

    Take care , RIDE SAFE.

    Regards Jase
  10. bjs

    bjs New Member

    I've cruised past plenty of cops doing various things on the side of the road, including checking out the classic cars on Richmond road, having a chat/laser gunning etc and none have bothered to have a chat with me.
  11. nickk

    nickk New Member

    new legislation

    hi all
    havent heard of any new rules coming in
    police station up here has listing of do's and dont's on its wall all about the bikes that you can have up to 50cc and 1200watts of power but are ok with the bikes having engines as long as they stop properly and stitck to the bike tracks
    they maybe just trying scare tacticks to get them off the road, who knows
  12. screaming emu

    screaming emu Member

    For those motored bikers living in South Australia this is the latest I have been able to source out in terms of government requirements regarding power assisted bikes. Check out and search under power assisted bicycles. Hope this helps answer a few questions that I have previously struggled with, to get a straight answer.Cheers
  13. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    it's good for us as we ride those THINGS !!!

    the riding of motor bikes is suppose to releive that paranoia condition THING
    at least in most riders this is usually the case
    a two wheeled ride on anyTING is always good for the mind, soul and body
    you are on a motor cycle now -- it's a good THING
    recommended from up high on the mountain top for you and others

    prescription required -- always to have two wheeled THING available to ride

    it's good for us as we ride those THINGS !!!
  14. HybriPed

    HybriPed Member

    Australia - headed for prohibition

    G'day Jase
    I've been following this issue very closely in Australia.

    Australian Bicycle Council is recommending maximum 300 watts on bicyclesm, up from 200 watts (yeah - right!)

    The problem is that there is no Australian design standard for a motorized bike over 200 watts, except for a moped, which is a light motor scooter, which is heavy etc.

    Therefore the bikes are likely to become unregistrable.

    I believe regulations are headed in the wrong direction. check out my website

    Cheers, Greg
  15. djase10

    djase10 Guest

    thanks all - Excellent Sceaming Emu!
  16. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    There's not much happening in SA at the moment so the bike rego thing comes up on the agenda. When the next big scandal happens they'll have to divert all their attention to that and it will be forgotten about.
    In the meantime I do think that the yobbos need to be dealt with before they wreck all our enjoyment and maybe they need to paid a visit by a few dozen good biking vigilantes and made an offer that they can't understand. The baseball bats should only be used on the yobbos bikes not on their person.
  17. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    All this alarmist talk about registration/legislation etc has died down so i'm not worried.Business as usual,so if your thinking about starting a build(or even a business) go ahead...............everything's a gamble.
  18. HybriPed

    HybriPed Member

    Prohibition or regulation

    Unfortunately, think that is the choice.

    The Australian Bicycle Council have gone to so much trouble to advocate squeezing up the power-assisted bicycle limit to 300 watts, that I can't see the current situation (bikes up to 2 kW) continuing indefinitely.
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  19. Irish John

    Irish John Guest

    I posted this file on Regulatory Reform somewhere else on MBc but it's an Australian advisory committee's report on the current legislation governiing powered bikes and it is pretty good. Before long we will probably see a lot of its recommemdations adopted and although the power limit will increase the one I don't like is the 30 km\hr max speed recommendation because it is just too darn slow and it would finish my little bike building business. I'm hoping that new regulations in the US will finally kill off the single coaster brake cruisers and see them replaced with something more sensible. The US market drives the entire world it seems when it comes to cruiser bikes.
    The report list the laws in other countries as well for comparison purposes.

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  20. HybriPed

    HybriPed Member

    G'day jase: Its good to see you guys using and enjoying your bikes responsibly.

    I think that its about time that the benefits of MBs are communicated to the public so that they are not sqeezed off the scene without a fight.
    I spoke to Warren Bates at Zbox a few weeks ago and he was reluctanct to make any waves about the issue. However I have had discussions with NSW Roads and Traffic Authority which has carried out a review of power-assisted devices, the results of which have been discussed with the Australian Bicycle Council as recently as November in Hobart. Whatever, the ABC resolved to do has not been posted on the Australian Bicycle Council webpage.

    I would like to get an Australia-wide interest group together to see what can be done. It would be great if your group could support it.

    Cheers, Greg