Adelaide rat bike

Jun 3, 2008
How ya goin, I'm Phil from Adelaide Australia, below's a couple of pic's of my raty motorized pushy.
It all started around chrissy time when I ran out of strikes on my drivers licence and copped a 6 month suspension, 40 km round trip to work and bugger all puplic transport, was time to get fit, lol.
I cycled for a few months, 240km a week (work saturday mornings to) built up some killer legs, lol, but every morning I would be past by this 60 year old bloke on a mountain bike that sounded like a badly running lawn mower.
Bit of searching on the net got me the chinese 66cc engine and I picked up a alloy framed mountain bike with araya rims, shimano gears, cranks etc, with flat tyres, broken cables no seat for 40 bucks at crime convertors.
I pulled the motor down before I fitted it, had an idea it would be fairly average engineering wise as the cost was so low, took it down to a mates engine recon shop, cleaned up the ports faced the head, top of the barrel and the cases and made up some new studs.
Set it up in the frame with 2 3/8 exhaust clamp up front and modified the rear mount to get it lower in the frame, that also got rid of the long studs for the mounting, chucked on a 8mm top gun lead and NGK plug, at first was a bit disapointed, ok I had to bed the rings but it struggled and sounded off at all engine speeds.
Mucked around with the carb a lot, probably annoyed my neighbours the most with the laps around the block, lol, jet changes and moding the needle got some small results but because of the poor quality of the carb was a loosing battle.
Then I got hold of a carb from a Yamaha Zuma scooter, the differance was night and day soon as I fitted it, instant response, idles smooth and easy starting.
It has now done almost 2000 km with no issues cruiseing at 38-40 kmh, I have had it up to 58 kmh, it would make 60kmh (around 35 mph) but it was reving hard and didn't want to grenade it.
I am runing it on 98 and Belray MC1 at 30:1, is expensive brew, but after the 4th barrel off inspection last week, (see sealant in pic's lol) it is worn (12 thou piston to bore clearance :rolleyes: ) but just keeps on going.

Anyway sorry for the boring epic dribble on me first thread.

Cheers Phil


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Jun 3, 2008
Cheers Fetor, these are getting popular in Adelaide aye? I been seeing more and more around.

Yes Fredie it is a possibility that doing 40kmh on a pushy is illegal, but I have seen the fuzz many times to and from work and they don't seem to be bothered about me, I guess I have a good hat, wear a Hi Vis vest, and I don't ride like a muppet.


May 18, 2008
well i got a Ryobi 30CC whipper snipper ( americans call em weed wackers haha ) motor on mine and i get up to 50km/h, for a lil motor it gets some good speed, probably coz i weigh 48kg ( 14yrs old ), if u go into the gallery u can see my pics of my ride. Its friction mounted and the spindle was made on the lathe by a friend. Well ive only been riding for 3 days now and haven't seen a cop once, i try to keep of the main roads ( if they pick me up im fudged ) my motor is like 350watts and in 14 ( gotta be 16 in Perth ). hopefully they wont notice, my friend brought up a good topic though. They sell those motorized skateboards and there way over 200watts and the cops dont seem to mind so yeh.

Well hope u stay here, one more aussie here!


From Brendon.v


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Feb 14, 2008
Hi Phil. Welcome to MBc!
Nice carb modification.

If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :D
You may have seen this, but here's a great MBc starter "link" to keep you motoring.