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  1. cowan.15

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    Hi, just picked up a used running bike (chrome 27" Dunlop brand), fitted with a Skyhawk 48cc. Unforturnately, the clutch cable was broken when I went to get the bike. Got it home, and got it running by holding onto the clutch lever down on the motor till I got enough speed up. It fired up after a while, and ran pretty well. Looking forward to mucking around with it to improve it once I've sussed out how it works. Anyway, does any cable fit, or do I have to order a specific one? thanks

  2. quay1962

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    Hello and welcome to Mbc... my clutch cable broke on it's first run out and we used a spare brake cable so they work well in a pinch...good luck on all your endeavors and happy motoring!
  3. BoltsMissing

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    I got a few spare cables, ya near Gepps X pub ?
  4. cowan.15

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    thanks for the offer, picking a cable up Monday. I'm at Prospect. cheers