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    I got this notice from a student I know, informed me of a lecturer and the topic is, "Birth of Ideas and Death of Technology" which got my attention.
    I am not one to go to these things, except I'll listen to ideas on how to win lotto and the technology if available to predict those 6 winning numbers,


    But, this one has a point and I'd be interested to see what the proffessor has got to say.
    It's a seminar about the change in technology from what it was 20 years ago to what it is now and how the corporations adapt the market forces.

    If anyone is interested,
    Tuesday 22 July
    5.45 - 8.00 pm
    Bradley Forum
    Level 5 Hawke Building
    City West Campus

    Register at:
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    gonna give us a rundown afterwards?

    imagination & an open mind made the last 20 years of technology incredible to experience for me.

    i'm pretty much tired of talking about the "corporate" factor, tho i am aware that some companies may be trying to get back to basics. since i also saw the last 20 years of that part, i'm optimistic but remain staunchly dubious.

    let us know how it was :cool:
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