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  1. dragunov78

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    hi..i am from adelaide south australia....finally took the time to post something here even though i am really shy even on the internet...i have MB 4 stroke friction drive and love it so much......something i always wanted when i was a child was to have a little motor on my bike to get up those big hills and through headwind
    So now i can do it...
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  2. NunyaBidness

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    hey there dragunov78, welcome aboard
    I do believe that there are some other members of this site from your area.
    happy motoring
  3. arielatom300heps

    arielatom300heps New Member

    hey dragunov78
    good to see another MB rider in Adelaide.
    Hope to see u out at the next ride day.

  4. dragunov78

    dragunov78 New Member

    yeah i noticed alot of people from adelaide on here....i thought i was the only one with a MB here....well judging by the way people gawk at me
  5. dragunov78

    dragunov78 New Member

    what kind of motor do you have??? and where are these ride days???
    i live in the northern suburbs near yatala jail and ride my bike every day(god bless adelaide drivers)'s a red kmart special huffy with a GOMO 4 stroke 31cc friction drive.
  6. arielatom300heps

    arielatom300heps New Member

    I have a Zbox 66cc.

    For information on ride days just check the lets ride forum on ride days coming up (

    Because its winter at the moment not many people are willing to go out in the wet & cold riding conditions but as soon as it starts to warm up in the next mouth or so I am sure the ride days will gain a lot of interest.