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Jul 19, 2008
Anyone here from adelaide been stopped by the cops and if so what happend???
i went into holden hill police station to ask them whaht the laws were regarding motor assisted bicycles and they gave me a dumb look having no idea about the i was leaving i noticed a big laminated poster on the wall with the rules on it saying 200watts power limit can be electric or combustion engine...i always pedal most of the time especially if i see cops and they never stopped me motor has a declaration on it saying restricted to 200watts output so i should be okay


I've never been stopped by the cops & it's been over a year since i've had my first bike on the road.Adelaide fuzz are pretty tolerant like that.
My 4 friends who also ride motoredbikes have also never been stopped.......the trick is low profile & common sense,don't be an idiot & you'll be fine.

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Mar 6, 2008
200 what?

I have tried researching this one myself and have found that police do not have the means to test a motor output on the side of the road. Most of them wouldn't even know what they are looking at.They have to send the bike off to be dyno tuned to find out the exact watt output This means you would have to be doing something stupid for them to hasle you in the first place, or they are struggling to find real criminals! Its all pretty sad when I have had friends die young in high performance vehicles which put out rediculess amounts of power and are street legal. Take hoon drivers who get their cars taken away, this usually only ever happens when somebody is doing something dumb. Having said that take extra care, my main concern is getting cleanded up on one and not getting paid out because after closer inspection the bike was not keeping within the 200w law. Just something to think about...