Adjusting Brakes


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3:49 AM
Aug 16, 2008
San Francisco, CA (Ocean Beach)
okay, so, I have another noob question. How the **** do I adjust my brakes (you have to forgive me, but the last bicycle I had was a HUffy and it did not have brakes on the handle bars, only on the pedals).

There are two places where my cables seem loose (not sure if these need adjusting and where I am supposed to do it):

1) just past the lever on the right hand grip (this is for the cable going to the front brake)

2) on the rear brake, the cable coming out of the rear wheel ... just past the spring and to the left of where the brake is attached to the body (just to the left of the part you have to unscrew to get the wheel off).

are these areas supposed to be loose? if not, how do I adjust them?

the bike is at 175 miles right now. the brakes seem much worse than when I first got it. these are both drum brakes. I have to go all the way down to get anything and you can forget about hills, even little ones, without my buddy Fred Flinstone kicking in. thx for any help.
Braking down-hill blues

Hi, man you should call me? Hemostat is the magic word! the drum brake cables adjust on the end, down near the axle. Loosen the binding bolt, take up the slack, clamp wire with hemostat, tighten binding bolt. Test, and repeat as necessary, a clean, fast deal.

I got plenty of Hemostats if you do not have any.