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Hi all, haven't posted for awhile, been here almost everyday though, been finishing my new garage. I purchased a modified head, copper head gasket and mushroom lifters from Quenton earlyer this year and i'm almost ready to install them. My question is can anyone provide a step by step guide on how to adjust the lifter clearance on an 07 NE5. I know what the clearances need to be for my upgrades, I would just like a detailed how to. Did a search and came up empty.


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I need help with adjusters to. I was talking to a man named lee on the phone about fixing my motobikes but i lost his number.Do you know his number? He told me about this group is he a member?

Hi Ren & George,

I can help you with the information you need. George I am "Lee". My given name is "Quenton" but "Lee" is my nickname.

So here goes, lifters can be installed 2 different ways, first they can be installed from the top, but requires removing the cylinder. The second way is from the bottom, and is much easier, and is the way I always make the change. Remove the side cover [be very careful if working on the WC-1 motor, because the phillips screws are difficult to remove without damage], remove the camshaft, remove the compression cover [lifter cover], loosen the adjustment bolts & nuts. Place a rag under the lifters inside the motor to "catch" the lifters, remove the adjustment bolts & washers, allow the lifters to drop into the rag. Insert the "mushroom" lifters from the bottom, screw the adjustment bolts into the lifters, install the camshaft [one tooth advanced], install the side cover. Be sure to rotate motor to TDC before adjusting the lifters, simply rotate motor until both lifters open then close, turn motor just a little more to make sure you are closer to TDC. I adjust the liffters as follows.... .006" intake, .008" exhaust, however the factory settings are .009" if using the NE camshaft, and .012" if using the WC-1 camshaft. Install the compression cover [be sure to have a #2217 gasket before the upgrade, because it almost always tears].

Hope this information helps, If you need more just ask.

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So rotate motor until both lifters are closed and then rotate a little more, then adjust both lifters from that position without rotating the motor anymore?

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Hi Ren,

That is correct, first one lifter will lift, then the other will lift, then they both lower. Turn the flywheel forward just a few inches to make sure both lifters are at the lowest point. Set lifters, replace cover, and ride your Whizzer.

Have fun,
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