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    I have messed around a lot with the carburetor too. The same friend who told me about the clutch pads said the I need to have the choke closed when its running good. And how should I set screw that sets the position of how far up that cylinder where the throttle cable is attached is.
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    choke should be open as soon as you get it started

    idle screw is set by starting the bike with your hand holding the throttle open enough to run while you turn the screw in until you can let go of the throttle (you may want to adjust it finer once the engine warms up and again as it gets broken in)

    you do this adjustment with the clutch lever locked so you can stand still while adjusting it
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    Putting a motor on a different bike opens up a whole lot of variables, especially angles. Carburetor angles (fuel distribution), chain angles (tension), engine angles (torque). 5 out of the 5 engines I've owned required different settings. 4 of them on the same bike frame. I am on the fifth engine in 3 years. 1) 49cc, 2010, 2,500m 2) 66cc, 2011, 600m 3) 66cc, 2011, 2,000 4) 66cc, 2012, 570m 5)[NEW FRAME-STEEL] 66cc, 2013, 25...