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    The vBulletin search is fast and easy. However, it sometimes doesn't have the flexibility that you need, and it can return way too many results. :???:

    Don't lose hope - there are a couple of workarounds which can make your searching process much easier, and much more effective:
    • You can use the advanced search options, which can help. Advanced Search allows you to filter by user name, and/or limit the forums which will be searched.
    • Or, you can put Google to work for you...

      For example, entering the following at Google: +"chopper" +schwinn -"happy time" -HT

      will search all of this site, for "chopper", AND the thread must include schwinn, AND the thread must NOT include "happy time" and the thread must not include HT.

      Note: + and - are AND and NOT operators, respectively. If you don't include a + or -, then OR is assumed. Quote marks are used around exact phrases.

    Each search has its uses. The google search, while very powerful, does not allow you to easily specify the sub-forum. On the pther hand, vBulletin search does not allow you to specify phrases, or to exclude words/phrases. Knowing each search tool's strengths and weaknesses will allow you to choose the right one, each time you need to search.
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    I have integrated the google search feature into our site now. Works great if you can't find anything using the regular search!