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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bilboby, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Hello MBer's,

    Well it's a long time since i've posted but then again the same can be said for MB riding. The BGF motor i've got isn't really up to the performance level i'd expect for MB riding and the pain of mixing gas/oil ratio's i've also found annoying. Therefore in order for getting a decent rear wheel friction drive MB ready for next Spring/Summers riding without breaking down or engine falling apart when riding etc, i've decided to sack the BGF motor and go for an engine type which i believe could fit the bill? The Manufacturers engine stat's make for intresting reading and the fact the engine look's more solidly built than the cheap Chinese bgf sways me into possibly making a purchase. The very fact this engine is sold in europe means it'd be cheaper for purchase than ordering a top of the range motor from the US, ie: from one of MB.COM's Sponsors. However what do any of you guys think? Apologies for putting you on the spot but like i say. The fact it's sold in europe and looks more solid etc would such an engine be worth investing given that the BGF motor i've got was riddled with mechanical flaws. Once again apologies, this time for a long post requesting a simple answer.

    Cheers and good MB riding

    NB: The moteur in question is on the link below hence any advice on purchasing or not would be appreciated, thank's.

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    That is a 208cc, 7hp engine! I'm no expert, but could that be a wee bit too much for a friction drive?

    Cela est un 208cc, 7hp moteur ! Je ne suis pas d'expert, mais pouvoir qui est un peu petit trop pour une unité de friction ?
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    Too much in terms of power or that of weight?

    After investigating further the GX200 i'm now not so sure it would fit snug onto the friction drive assembly unit therefore hopefully i'll find a Company in France or Europe that sells a simliar quality Japanese made engine @ around 50cc that'll do the job?

    French Custom's can be a real pain when ordering stuff from the US and the import duty tax on a similar sent engine could nearly double the price. Hence why i prefer trying for a european purchase if possible if not then a reliable and respected US supplier who ship's at reasonablely cheap cost Internationally will need to be found.

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  4. Whizzerd

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    If you've got your heart set on a 2-cycle the Mitsubishi TLE series is a smooth, quiet and gas miserly Japanese made unit. I think we've discussed the Japanese Robin/Subaru 4 cycle before. Jewel like but not as powerful as the Chinese made 50 cc Huasheng. Of course there are the Honda 35 cc and 50cc 4 strokes. The Japanese engines are not inexpensive but then top quality seldom is. Good Luck!
  5. KilroyCD

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    I would think that it is too much power for a friction drive unit. I have a mental picture of the roller shredding the tyre. I don't know how much that engine weighs, but I'm sure it is likely to be substantial.
    The 4-stroke Honda engines Whizzerd suggested would be great choices, and are likely to be much lighter as well. I don't know if they are available in Europe however. I have personal experience with the HuaSheng 142 (which is a clone of the Honda GX50), and if that engine is available to you it would be a very good choice.
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    Try to find a French dealer who sells Robin/Subaru , Honda , Mitsubishi engines , under 50cc , for a much more reliable 4 stroke friction drive.
  7. unior

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    After being a huasheng owner. I cannot recommend them. Not until they switch to a metal cam gear instead of that self destructing plastic.
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    Cheers guy's for your advice input but unfortunately having spent much of my time since starting this thread surfing the WWW for a European supplier of the Honda GXH 50 alas only one supplier was found (Belguim) but the price is double that found in the US. Therefore i've emailed Staton-Inc for enquiring if they will accept and ship over to Europe ofwhich i'm now waiting for there reply, if i get one?

    Off topic: I'm also keen on modifying the friction drive setup to that of belt drive so will be emailing a MB.Com sponsor for knowing if likewise they accept European orders for their all in one belt/chain drive kit?

    For now it's not urgent as i don't see myself MB riding before next Spring (driving 4 wheels until then) but if i'm lucky enough to get the engine + belt/chain drive kit before then i think i could be onto a winner?

    Cheers MBer's
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  9. Whizzerd

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    Best of Luck. It sounds as if the MB "bug" has bit you hard enough that you're willing to spend some Euros to get a fine & reliable MB going. You WILL get pretty much what you pay for in this Hobby. Personally I believe 100% in the drive system. James at BMP has just released a new system that might interest you. I don't think you could correctly build it yourself for less. Happy Holidays!
  10. bilboby

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    I received a reply from Staton-Inc who seem a decent Company for dealing with as they suggest that i should go for the cheaper option when buying a motor + kit. My enquiry with them was the purchase for the Honda GHX 50 ofwhich there reply was i'd be better off purchasing

    along with

    However as i'm a 250lbs MB'er would the Subaru EH035 have enough MB power riding such a weight?

    They also replied that if i still wanted a Honda GHX 50 then also i'd need an additional kit (thus in the long run making for a more expensive buy) that of

    What do you guy's reckon? Should i go along with Statons advice and purchase the suggested Subaru Kit's or perhap's the more expensive option of buying the more powerful GHX 50 & it's adapter kit?

    Cheers for any feedback as your advice will be invaluable given the kit i settle for will be a one off purchase having already been expensively ripped off by my decision first of buying the **** quality 50cc friction drive kit sold by BGF. Though i don't hold accountable BGF for selling me this product as i should not of dived straight in at the deep end without first thinking about buying a top Quality engine + kit against the Cheaper Chinese versions.:icon_cry:

    Hence "Once bitten twice shy" should be rule" when upgrading a MB

    Kind regards
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  11. Whizzerd

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    Statoninc. is a very reputable company. The system he is recommending will work w/ the Robin EHO 35. IF you don't mind staying w/ the simpler friction drive and IF the BGF unit is serviceable why not simply go w/ the Huasheng or Honda 50 on your existing unit? If memory serves, the drive roller diameter on those is about 1 1/2 inches. The smaller 35 cc 4 strokes don't have the torque for that roller. If you like the Staton chain drive unit you might also look into Golden Eagle (GEBE) unit as well. I know, decisions, decisions!
  12. bilboby

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    Following your suggestion i took a look at the Golden Eagle kits especially that for belt drive but no disrespect to the Company but i think my next MB kit won't be purchased from them. Both GE's and Staton's kit prices are about the same but for some reason i've got my eye set on purchasing the Honda 50 engine + adapter kit along with the 7 speed gear kit. I'm also looking at replacing the current Glacier Point bike which means a total price outlay for both new engine + kit + Shipping & a new bike would set me around $1000. For such a price i could buy a 2nd hand Lambretta or other similar type Scooter but hey i doubt i'd have as much fun riding such mode of transport?

    The 2 stroke BGF friction kit i have still run's occasionlly but i think it's now time for upgrading to a better quality MB 4 stroke setup intime for next Spring/Summer. I do have a spare working Active 50cc but alas i've tried and it won't fit onto BGF's drive unit housing therefore the Active engine will be adapted for use as a electric generator so atleast it'll get used.

    LoL, like Whizzerd say's "decisions, decisions": However i'm not sure what's worst? Our youngest daughter accepting a new work post in another Country, the wife choosing her new car or myself finding the best MB setup that'll suit my needs.

    Eitherway my decision has to be made very soon otherwise the money i've put aside for the MB project will end up being spent by the wife:icon_cry:

    Cheers & safe MB riding

    NB: Here in France we've seen News pictures showing the North Eastern bord of the US suffering from it's worst Winter weather for years so i doubt there'll be many MB rider's on their bikes during this period in that part of the US?
  13. Whizzerd

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    Record snow in the south of London. Coldest December w/ near record snow for the same in the Midwest, USA. Here we've been told it's called Global WARMING! ( I'm afraid we may be losing our collective minds )LOL. At any rate my friend, your commitment to a Quality mb will bring many rewards of satisfaction. And I'm sure your wife will be Happy that YOU are!
  14. Esteban

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    If money is a factor, why not just stay with your friction drive set-up & upgrade to a better motor ? The little Robin-Subaru is hard to beat.
  15. bilboby

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    Fortunately money isn't a factor which is rare in todays economic climate:

    However my main concern about buying the little Subaru is whether or not it would easily carry my 250lbs + xtra bike weight riding up a long 2.5km steep hill which is a bugger for my heart even when walking it.

    Unfortunately the friction drive unit i have is starting to show signs of rusting (after just 6-7 months use:veryangry:) on the drive housing and basically i think this whole setup is just a poor shoddy build by it's Chinese manufacturer.

    It's a pity that MB's haven't caught on here in Europe as i've noticed quite a few electric bikes being ridden around Paris. If MB's did catch on then i'm sure the purchase of engines/kits etc would be more accessible for purchase from MBer's like myself instead of shopping online with US seller's?

    Cheers guys and safe MB riding
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    I think bilboby has made a good choice for something more fun than a scooter, but when i talk to people on the road, and they generally don't want to peddle, want more power, are more concerned about perceived safety or comfort, then generally they should "buy a 2nd hand Lambretta or other similar type Scooter"; especially with numerous used scooters available on craigslist in the U.S.
  17. bilboby

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    Maybe i read this reply wrong but i'm in no way suggesting that a Lambretta or other Scooter is the way forward:devilish: I've this afternoon paid a US MB supplier for the new setup and hopefully i'll receive confirmation of my order very soon. All i need to do now is concentrate on purchasing the correct new bicycle.
  18. Slackbiker

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    I think you've thought about it and made the right choice for you. Most peole should get a used scooter, and most do. Otherwise it is sort of like those people who make a New Year's Resolution to exercise more............... Actually I hear a lot of stories on the road, even about people who get a scooter to save on gas of something, and then they end up not even using that; just the car for everything. Just ends up in the garage. Like the vast majority of bicycles in America. Something like 40% of Americans own a bike, ridership is much lower.
  19. Whizzerd

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    Bravo! my friend. Best of Luck with your new MB. Like your other Hobby, you'll enjoy it more since you've built it yourself. Happy New Year
  20. jbrazele

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    IMHO Go with the staton-inc kit

    I have recently ventured into the hobby of motorized bicycling and my first purchase was a very well researched Staton-inc friction drive kit with a Tanaka 40cc engine. Friction drive has it's drawbacks when compared to chain drive. This is especially true when you throw gears/shift kit into the mix. That being said, I can tell you that David Staton builds a very high quality kit. He does a good job with his design and uses CNC machined parts. I spoke with David on the phone when I ordered my kit and he told me about the new 7 speed chain drive kits when I asked about climbing hills and which drive roller size to buy. He told me he rode the 7 speed kit off road with the smaller Subaru four stroke and it would climb up a cliff and still get a decent top speed in the high gear ~30mph. If David says it, I believe it's true. I like the two strokes because you get more power and carry less weight. I carry gas with me in 750ml steel fuel bottles. The only thing I don't like about the Honda GHX 50 is the fact that it is wide and bulky with the clutch adapter. There was also an issue with them shutting off when run at an angle. I believe this has been fixed/addressed. If you look at David's website, you will not find any inexpensively made Chinese stuff. He deals in Quality.