Advice for someone motorizing a FAT bike.

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    I have built one other bike so I am vaguely familiar with the nuts and bolts but I don't have a lot of experience with them. The last bike was a road bike but I wanted something a bit stronger and beefier. I am a bit concerned about whether or not there will be any conflicts with my tire and drive chain. I am also going to install Mr. Tuffy 3XL tire liners and am worried about them staying put. Sure static friction or whatever may help keep it in place but I'm wondering if anybody else uses tire liners and if you applied any type of adhesive to the back of the liner. Any other tips are greatly appreciated. I've already tossed my tensioner for a engine mounted type and will be using a 48 tooth sprocket to deal with the added weight. 3 SPEED.jpg is the bike I ordered this morning. The bike is a single speed with a coaster brake instead of the disc brake.