Advice on conversion kit for pulling heavy loads

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    Hi, I am looking for advice please.Preferably from people who have a trailer on their bike already. My bike is my 'packhorse'. I don't have a car, and am unable to buy one. I need a conversion kit and battery that will meet the following needs -

    *Power a bike with a trailer and a 20 -60kg load. This is very important

    * I currently travel only 2 or 3 km maximum on the bike, and having a powered bicycle and trailer is essential for me to carry heavy stuff
    *Will allow me to pedal bike (without the load!) for exercise, without using the motor. However,if this isn't possible, that's ok.

    *Battery has no, or minimal, 'memory effect'
    Will be used in temperatures up to 35 deg centigrade (I usually avoid being on the road when it's such a hot day, however if I do go out, there will be no shade to park the bike in)

    *Is easy enough for a reasonably savvy friend and I to follow the instructions to install

    *There is no facility for recycling lithium batteries in my district, and this concerns me.
    Bike is an average 18 speed domestic bike, with approx 70mm bracket and an aluminium frame.
    Until recently my bike was powered by a Honda brushcutter/whipper snipper motor, which is now illegal as of 1[SUP]st[/SUP] Oct.
    I am a pensioner with reduced physical strength, and my powered bike and trailer are a lifeline for me, getting to and from market, and collecting whatever I need for my garden, some of which is very bulky and/or very heavy

    The 60kg load is just once every couple of months.
    bike 1.jpg
    Thanks, Jay
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    You need to be more precise.
    You leave me with no idea of whether or not you just want to add a trailer, want an electric bike, want a different type motorized bike?
    You want the battery for what?
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    Jaguar, im really interested in contacting you

    Jaguar, i have been searching you, i have read all your tuning tips for the motor, i need to ask you some questions about the jaguar cdi.
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    another NSW resident inconvenienced by our new laws :)

    whereas one could manage with no license, and a few dollars of fuel every week... current ruling demands we have a license, move, or die...

    now, one previous poster would like to think electric cant do loads. they dont read your post and your requirements. they forget that one of those lil "mobility carts" can actually do about 30km, with two people on them...and they only use SLA batteries. albeit at 10km/h...

    so. you want to do a tenth of that. short trip, not too often, and even less often with a heavy load... so endurance isnt an issue. you probably arent interested in doing touring, a pensioner, its a lot nicer to be independent for those times you need to go get something down the road?

    i cant make many suggestions... hub wheels have one drawback... a fixed gear ratio. you could simply get one and re-lace it for a smaller rim though. then the speed control and battery are fairly cheap from ebay...youre still looking at 500 or more. that is the easiest, simplest way. whats hard about bolting on a wheel? ignore the rules on electrics and get at least 500w... if they do ya, be a martyr, at least :) the laws are stupid and need changing! and considering how things were before... you wont get done :)

    other option is RC type brushless motors, which means you need someone to machine things... like me :)

    as just a quick idea...heres a 2.7 KW brushless for AU$86 or so...

    need more power? 9.8KW perhaps?

    and, i suppose the thread thats already done it...

    i like the two speed concept. high for normal stuff, low for lugging. other than that, electric doesnt need gears.

    joy of RC stuff? most stuff is cheap. can start off with at least enough to move, then upgrade controller and battery later.

    range is limited by load,speed, and battery capacity...

    i still dont like the idea of electric but its all there is...except steam...

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    I really like the idea of a steam bike