advice on cylinder and heads!!

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  1. bryan mccain

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    ok so my piston rings blew and gouged up my cylinder walls and piston so i ordered a new one but it came with everything but the head and i put it all together and the pistons hits the head. did i order the wrong size or what happened?? my engine is a flaming horse engine from what can i do?? whats my problem here??

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Did you compare the old damaged piston with the new replacement?

    There are two different kinds of 66 cc pistons, one has the wrist pin
    hole lower than the other.
    You must have got the wrong one.

    I guess your Flaming Horse motor burnt up? :devilish:
    Seriously, that has got to be the worst name so It's no surprise that they are crap?
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  3. crassius

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    if the pistons are the same, then it may just be a 1/16 diff in the barrel height that sometimes happens between old motors & new - this can often be fixed by adding a 2nd head gasket or base gasket

    if pistons are different, you're stuck
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  4. Fabian

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    I have experienced exactly that same situation. In one case, i needed to install a total of 4 cylinder head gaskets to fix the problem.
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  5. bryan mccain

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    i tried adding more gaskets to get the clearance i needed but woudnt fire up.. i check out the pistons and the new ones wrist pin is the lower than my old one.. would that cause it not to fire? i get spark still. my old wrist pin is closer to the rings this one is closer to the bottom of the piston. any ideas where i can get the right one?
  6. bryan mccain

    bryan mccain New Member

    i just measured my piston and it measures up to the gt-5 pistons. would that be the route i would have to go??
  7. crassius

    crassius Well-Known Member

    this is why I rarely bother to put on a new top end - it won't fire because all the port timing is done by the piston as it moves & yours is moving in a different place than it should - you won't be able to use that piston or barrel on your bottom end - you'll need to buy another piston & barrel (gaskets & rings you have should be OK)

    next time just save the bottom end for spares & start with a fresh engine (possibly cheaper than the two top ends you be buying this time)
  8. bryan mccain

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    im gonna send this one back and get my money from it. and it only cost me $30.. i can get a new motor for $120. im not sure where to look for a new top end at that will fit or work on my bottom end. any ideas??/
  9. crassius

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    not sure where best price would be for one that fits - I rarely deal with 40mm rods

    for my customers, a top end plus labor to install is usually close to the price of a new motor that I sell for $100 that they can drop in themselves

    here's hoping they'll give you credit on a top end that has been installed
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    BULLSH*T the piston hit the head your joking me never heard such broken rod journal in all my life ..

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    live and learn Robot
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