Advice on my 36 tooth sprocket [ speed vs torque ]

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by WIZARDOFOZONE, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Well, this arrived a while back from Dacs and I pick it up, put it down, and stare at my 40 toother which is a really nice balance between speed and torque. What I need is input from those who installed it . How many of your favorite hills do you now avoid with your 36 toother installed ? I really like the idea of speed at lower engine revs , it just seems to me that over time this has got to be cumulatively better for the engine. On the other hand, a lot of my ability to leave my local area and get out farther with the bike is dependent on a few hills that can't be avoided if I want to get to the countryside areas.

  2. iRide Customs

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    Buy 2 wheels or a cordless drill for quick changes.

    I like the speed I get rom my 36t. I can get 32mph out of my 48cc round head. Luckily there are too many unmanagable hills where I live. If I lived in a hilly area I think I would rather upgrade to a bigger engine rather than a bigger sprocket.

  3. HI,

    For what it's worth, I have 2 bikes one... with the standard 44 T (love the acceleration but top speed and buzziness of the engine is kinda bad), and I have a trek 7000 with a 70 CC and the 36T (Great top end and cruise on relatively flat ground but we do have a few hills around here that makes the engine downright struggle and get hot).....I am going having a custom 40T sprocket made in the hopes that it would be the best of the single gear world....Of course the real solution is a Tranny for our engines! ;-O

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    there's been quite a bit of discussion about sprocket sizes already, and should be easy to find using the Search.

    I, and azKronic and many others used 36t for the Death Race. that's straight up Mt. Lemmon. Big mountain. 24miles. no problems.

    you should be happy w/36t imho
    Happy :mrgreen:
  5. azbill

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    just a small correction, azvinnie uses a 36, I went up the mountain using a 48 ( my chopper was a very heavy bike )
    I am using a 44 with the haro, but pull my granddaughters in a trailer with it no problem
  6. Andyinchville, why special made ?

    Thats what I'm thinking about replacing , my 40 tooth ... why specially made ? I ordered parts from so many people I can't remember where, but I got my 40 tooth online ... just search 40 tooth sprocket ... I got mine in fact from a guy who took the call from his car !
  7. Hmmmm.....Can't say I ever say a 40T sprocket made for our bikes....I did hear of a 42T unit tho....Anyways....I didn't realize 40 T was out there, so I had a friend of mine that owns a machine shop make me one out of
    7075 T6 heat treated aluminum.....Super light weight (faster accel tho I'm sure the pound or so savings would hardly be noticeable), durable, and rust proof to boot....looks nice too with the raw silver satin finish....For what it's worth, he is going to be marketing sprockets for our bikes....I think he can make any size for us from 18 teeth all the way to 101 teeth or thereabouts....If any interest just PM me and I will put you in contact with him.

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    andrew...i'd feel better if you'd simply post a "buy/sell/trade" about your custom allows you to avoid the appearance of "billboarding" :)
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    I have a 40 toother (to be correct, it's azvinnie's)
    bought it from livefast
    it does not have a concave (just a flat sprocket)...not using it yet because am worried about warping
  10. Herrmanator8

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    i got a 40 tooth with my bike engine and i cruise around 20-25mph on a hill at a 30-40 degree angle with my 70cc.

  11. Yeh, Livefast was it I believe

    I think the 40 toother was from livefast like he said above ... No warping after 300 miles ... these are thick and I truly doubt that warping would ever be a problem.
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    I have one of these 40 tooth sprockets, from livefast on the first MBc I put together. I bent it, when a chain came apart. It was easily straightened and since then I have put over 500 miles on it. In total this sprocket has about 1300 miles on it.

    I like the added speed and I can still climb the steepest hills, in my town, without pedaling.
  13. Yeh,that is my experience too ...

    The 49 tooth is a right on edge balance of torque ad speed, so I keep eying my untried 36 toother with curiosity. Red Peril is really fast enough and for 2 to 5 mph more I think I'd hate the loss of torque tradeoff. Others say "no problem" with the 36 tooth however . Secondly, I'm getting lazy and my cruiser had that drive sprocket bolt problem illustrated at King's site ... I too had to countersink and use the flat head allen insert type bolts to gain back the precious 1/8 inch clearance between the 9 bolts and the cruiser brake stop lever and mounting bracket, as well as enlarging the center hole to go over the dust cap ... every new sprocket needs redrilled and the center enlarged in this manner and so the 36 toother sits here unless I find a new burst of energy or get so damned bored I do it for distraction.
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    great thread. i didnt want to go to a 36 tooth because i got this so i dont have to peddle lol. called livefast and what a super individual and price is great. 15 plus shipping for the sproket and mounting hardware which with everyone else i would have to buy seperate. the one that came with engine on mine is a 5 bolt and i think i will like the extra mounting screws. not advertising but i am very excited and will post what i think after i get it and put it on
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    I have a 36 tooth on my 79cc, very fast on the flats (speedo has seen 35 on the flats) well over that on the down hills. OOOps I should keep that on the DL huh?


    with the torque from the engine the teeth are starting to degrade at a high rate, I think I will go back to my STEEL 44 or look into the 40 tooth, that sounds just right for speed and for take offs from a dead start, traffic light stop sings...
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    :cool:I bought a 36t sprocket and 12g/chrome rim from SPOOKY TOOTH 2 years ago. it's on my old cruiser frame project with twin 80cc engines. if i can successfully leash the power of "twins", 36t will be perfect, even from a dead start.

    now all i have to do is FINISH the bike.:rolleyes:

  17. atcspaul

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    the 40t i got is steel
  18. Haggard

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    Iam currently using a 42 tooth that i picked up at a garage sale . it is a flat sprocket ,not concave like the 44t's i have, but still lines up good with engine sprocket and keeps the chain clear of the frame. .would like a 40t but nothing smaller as theres tons of hills here
  19. 40T is a good sprocket for me around here.....
  20. deadboy@216

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    just purchased a 40 tooth sprocket with a three point hub adapter which clamps around the hub of rear wheel,so it drives the whole wheel not off the spokes. Rear sprocket runs true no run in/out and run concentric no up/down wobble,$40 on eBay. Bike is fine with 44 tooth just can't keep it concentric and i get that chain lash,already switched to a high quality BMX chain instead of the cheap Chinese 415 chain. The 410 BMX chain is much tighter and lighter than stock so less noise and vibration. I have a after market spring chain tensioner with a 2015 80cc? slant head on a steel frame 26" Mongoose mountain bike and it does 35 MPH no problem. Besides the chain drive modifications i double stacked the head gasket and put in a NGK spark plug for a jet ski.