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Apr 1, 2008
Hi, I will start my project sometime in the future as my moter kit is in the mail. I came by a old schwinn, needs new wheels, tires, paint, fenders and front forks, And to make it what I want to end up with (if possible) some frame modifications. Here are a few questions I have.
1.Where do I find schwinn serial numbers on the frame? (I have found this as of now, it is from 52-69 and later than 1965 starting with K900,000 serial on the lower left frame by rear alex.
2. If I want to remove and add some tubing to the frame what tubing works best?
3. Is it best to tig in new tubes or gas weld?
4 I ordered a 80 cc kit from Boy go fast, can that crank gear be taken off from crank and a v-belt pully be installed? (to go from chain drive to belt)
5. I found on the simpson site a "sheave" for the rear wheel, is this the part I can add to my schwinn rear wheel to convert to belt drive?
6. Any suggestions out here for converting to belt drive or would it be a mistake for one of the 2 stroke kits?
thanks for the help.
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Locations for schwinn Serial #'s are Left Rear Dropout, Bottom of BB Shell, or Bottom Right on Headtube. Schwinn Serial #'s are pretty complete and available. Do a google search for Schwinn Serial #'s and you get several sites with listings.

The easiest and least expensive tubing would be straight guage mild steel of the approiate diameter, or you use old frames for the tubing you need. As for putting things together TIG is probably the most common these days.

Yes the output cog off the engine is removable. Weather or not you can get a v-belt pulley to attach I believe will up to how creative you are and what level of fabracation skills you have.

The Whizzer Sheave is the easiest why to get a v-belt drive ring attached to a 26" wheel.

Do a search of this site using "belt drive" and you will find quite a bit of information about various belt drive projects and ideas