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    OK heres the deal,

    In November i intend to ride in my local MS Chapters bike ride, it is a 2 day ride NO ENGINES ALLOWED (AH !!!!!!), so i am currently in the market for a road bike that i can train on for the summer and wont brake the bank....

    I have reservations about buying the cycles on EBAY (motobane, Dawes, ETC) as it seems they are coming from a company called bikes direct under different names, and from what i have read i am not impressed by there level of service. Having said that for $350 for a road bike, so long as the welds hold together who cares !!! Has anybody on here bought one and give me a honest review.

    What seems to be my most sensible option is to go to my local bike store and buy the entry level Trek for $599..... It will come with the bike shops 1 year of service for free, and i could finance that over 6 months interest free, $100 a month would be doable to get my hands on a half decent bike..

    The worst thing about this i might actual enjoy cycling again and my poor tuc tucs would go neglected !!!!!


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    Hey VP

    I'm a supporter of LBSs (local bike shops) so your plan with financing sounds reasonable. You have recourse and follow-up with a LBS, they should get it set up right from the beginning and help keep it tuned during break-in and training. Probably the best thing about buying at a LBS is you get the best chance of buying the right size and fit for your particular body. Right fit is really important in a road bike, especially being out for two days.

    I personally stay away from those eBay bikes you mention, they are rebadged, cookie-cutter bikes produced in China and made for a price point.

    That all said, I've had very good luck buying used also. Craigslist is often hit & miss with any particular geographic location but sometimes if you have enough time and patience, good deals on road bikes can be found. I recently picked up a very good condition 2006 Giant ZR 5.0 that retailed for $900 and paid a hundred bucks, the guy was leaving town and best of all it was the right size frame.

    Good luck in the ride!
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    thats what i was leaning towards, thanks HV,

    The store i will buy from is not entirely lyric crazy, they have a snowboarding and ski section too, so there are some pretty cool guys in there, i am taking a trip home to Ireland next week, so i will picking up my road bike sometime mid june.

    I have a great local bike store sort of the middle of the road selling raleighs, felts lots of mountain bikes, some pretty cool cruisers etc,. they are great to deal with, and will help anybody, i have shown them my motorized ones and not one has frowned on the idea although they are not for everybody which i totally understand.
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    Well i last posted in this thread almost 8 months ago....

    i took your advice Happy Valley and bought a entry level trek from the local bike store along with some well padded shorts !!!!

    Anyhow i spent most of the summer training for the ride and when it came to November i was in pretty good shape for the 200 mile trek.. I completed the 2 day event with plenty left in the reserves to burn..

    It was probably the most challenging goal i had set myself in the last 10 years and with my very own motivation it was a very special moment in my life crossing the line and having my daughters put my finishing medal around my neck...

    I now head out at least 3 to 5 times a week on my bike and clock up anywhere from 30 to 100 mile rides...

    i feel sorry now for my poor engines lying in the dust but at least my wife fires up the trike when we bring the kids down to the park.

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