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Aug 20, 2008
So, after reading a number of posts, I have concluded that I do not have the time and patience to use my weedeater...between kids, school, work, and my other two projects (1961 Mercury Comet, and a 1976 14ft tri-hull), I am spread too thin as it is.

I was looking at kits, and most of what I found is either way out of my price range, or just plain ****. I did however find a kit at that I thought might be decent, if anyone has any experience with it, I would appreciate feedback. It is the center-mount, 48cc kit... They list a centrifical clutch upgrade for $50...why would or wouldn't I want to go this route?

I am assuming that the chain drive is going to be more efficient than the friction, is that correct? Also, being in Colorado, there are a lot of hills...any recommendations as to getting the most torque for the money?


The cheapest / best bang for the buck would be to get one of the HT center mount engines....since you are looking for torque get one of the "80 cc" kits ....Most of the kits will come standard with a 44T rear sprocket BUT I have seen ads here and there advertising the larger 48T / 50T sprockets (that is way you want to go if you want torque)....If that is still not enough you can have a custom sprocket made an/or go with a tuned pipe to help power.

By going with the above you can nix the friction drive and centrifugal clutch...

Hope this helps you.