waited over 2 months no parts anyone else had problems

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  1. damo99

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    i ordered a 4 stroke carby and linkage from on the 28th of november .
    i emailed them mid december (after first being told i would get them in 2 weeks)asking when my carby would arrive .
    they said they where out of stock (they still took my money)and said again it would be 2 weeks .
    it was due at the latest by early january .
    it is now febuary still nothing . i emailed them again just to see what they would have to say for themselves .
    anyone else had bad dealings with them

  2. butterbean

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    I was lucky enough to get my part when I ordered it, a jackshaft for my 98cc Lifan engine. I called ahead to make sure they had it in stock. Others have had problems though. Waiting 3,4, even 6 months for parts. It has been long enough, dispute the transaction with your cc company, bank, or PayPal if you were lucky enough to have paid with PayPal. I don't know if anyone else sells a reworked carby for the preddy, but you can use the stock unless you're planning on racing, and you can also make your own throttle linkage. Good luck.
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