after 5 tanks bad gas mileage???

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by brydonb, Jun 21, 2008.

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    Okay so my bike is finally smooth sailing, everythings loc-tite tight, everything works fine. why do I not have the good mileage? I am running an 80cc chinese kit on a 26" mountain bike. I use a 20:1 mixture and i am getting im sure only like 60 miles per tank, is this normal? I weigh 180lbs. some input would be greatly appreciated!!

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    the tank is 1/2 gallon, so your getting around 120 miles per gallon
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    sorry i meant kilometers not miles
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    That equates to about 75 MPG which sounds a little better that what I get. I've got the same motor but I'm 230lbs and only get about 50-60MPG (40-45 KM/ tank). I could probably get 75MPG if I took it slow and easy but I end up full throttle more often than not.
    I'm Kind of ****ed because the 150MPG claim was one of key features that made up my mind to order one. I can see if it only got 110-120MPG because it was rated for 180lb rider or something but 50-60MPG is weak.

    You got the 44 tooth sprocket? Top speed about 25MPH - 40km/h?
  5. If you have gone thru 5 tanks I would change the fuel/oil mixture. I would go to 30:1 or 35:1 using a quality oil, with a synthetic oil I have heard as high as 50:1...
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    i use the 42 tooth sprocket and i have reached 57km/h
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    Do you turn your fuel valve off when you turn the bike off. Does the petlock leak at all.

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    Perhaps you should evaluate the octane fuel you are using. I just learned on this site that these engines are low compression, so you should run as low of an octane as possible (87) which apparently gives you improved performance over say 93.
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    nothing leaks i have it sealed up very well
  10. brydonb

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    I do use the low octane, (cheapest gas), i think it is 87 octane
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    lol u guys got ur KM and Miles mixed up, 60 miles is 100km not the other way around. so 60 mpg is not 45km its 100km. lol.

    I got a whipper snipper engine which has like a 500ML tank and i get about 25km per tank. So i get like 200KMPG that in Miles is about 125 miles, so i get about 125MPG. Not to bad.
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    No, 45Km per half gallon tank is 28 Miles so 1 gallon = 56 Miles = 56 MPG.
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