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  1. Quadranut

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    I took the plunge ie: got enough bonus cash, to start riding. With the info I have gathered here this is what I am starting with.

    Staton FD 1" roller
    35 GX Honda ( small engine warehouse )
    Dynacraft 21 Speed MTB (Target on sale 99 bucks with a 15 % discount because of a ding in the frame )
    Main reason for this bike is because of 210 lbs of operator. It looked like a tough frame and after a week of riding pedal power it seems so to me. ( Feel free to comment otherwise :grin5:
    I plan on losing the MTB tires after I wear them out tweaking this ride.

    Some insight would be appreciated from the group on mounting the FD front mount. take a look at the pic and tell me what you think of this frame and what your thoughts would be on modifying the front mount to this frame.

    Thanks in advance

    DSCF0140.jpg DSCF0142.jpg

  2. Quadranut

    Quadranut Member

    engine is here ( anticipation builds )
  3. darwin

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    The way your rear seat stays are configured going from 1 tube into two the reg staton kit will not work there. Staton has 3 mounting bolts and only one would fit in that center hole then no room for the other 2, then theres the clearance issue with your tire. If it were me i'd have a talk with staton and use a u-clamp off of the single tube then use his 8in extensions to push the channel back to be centered over the wheel. With the honda35 I have the 1 1/8th roller and its the perfect compromise between torque and speed from my experience and I weigh 220lbs.
  4. Quadranut

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    Hey Darwin, Yeah I knew I was gonna have a problem with the seat stays. I guess I wait for the kit to get here and go from there. Thanks for your input. :grin5: BTW engine sounds friggin great, just at idle mind ya, but **** I can't wait to git this thing together.
  5. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Yea i've had the H35 for a couple weeks now and its a sweeeet lil motor, purrs like a kitten.
  6. Quadranut

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    Here is what I have so far........... with the one mounting bolt and some clearance between the plate and the seat stays, I fabbed up some braces that seem to help with the twisting issue. Also, and I knew this in advance, the rear tire is shot already :evilgrin: . BUT this thing will scare the heck out of ya, at least it will me, at 3/4 throttle. WHAT A FLIPPIN BLAST !!!!!!!!!!

    Today I got 2 thumbs up from a Harley rider and a Q & A session with local law enforcement. Both times I got " Man that is pretty cool ". Officer Friendly said that he had been watching me for at least a week and said that as long as I keep doing what I have been doing it'll be AG. ( ie: follow the traffic rules ) this as some goofball went by on a dirt bike with the front wheel off the pavement. Needless to say the conversation was cut short. LOL. at least the local police don't have a problem with it. DSCF01399.jpg and Darwin I gotta agree the 35 Honda is sweet
  7. Richard H.

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    Good for you and seems like such simple no-brainer advice doesn't it, I don't know why more don't follow it.

    View attachment 45572

    Nice resourceful, low impact solution to mounting the drive assembly IE: "no frames were drilled or injured in the making of this motored bike", lol. :devilish:
  8. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Good way to mount it, you have skills and are able to adapt. Thats a skill necessary with these MABs.
  9. Quadranut

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    8-20 update: the first long ride and explosive decompression of the rear drive mechanism........ what a bummer, looks like a slime tube and new tire tomorrow. Other than that the short runs are proving to be a blast, the twisting problem seems to be solved but am still dialing in how much air pressure to run on the rear tire/ down pressure on the rack. Any comments on that ?

    Keep ridin

  10. pbeggs

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    as smooth a tire as possible,.. maximum air pressure enough down force to give good contact patch on roller
  11. Quadranut

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    9-7 The first " rain ride "
    ......... What can I say I got wet but the Staton and Honda took it in stride. No slipping except for once on a long uphill and that was my fault, thumb slipped off the throttle and jammed it back down too hard.

    One thing I have noticed is that the clutch noise doesn't completely go away. Is this normal ? The mounts are secure and the " crunch pin" is not loose. ( crunch pin = spacer between the channel legs covering the lift and lock bar ) I do however have to crank it pretty tight to keep that little noisemaker solid and quiet. The only reason I am thinking clutch noise is because when I let off the throttle it disappears instantly.

    Also a noob question. I get a lot of "engine braking " until I am about at 1/3 speed and the clutch disengages. Is that normal ?

    BTW 16.5 miles in about 45 to 50 minutes depending on traffic lights. Not a land speed record by far:grin5:but fast enough for me.

    Gas mileage: about a mile an ounce, wish my wife's car would do that :grin5: Other than the rattle this thing is a pretty good piece of equipment to bomb around on AND drive to work.

    The smooth rear tire is killer Thanks for reminding me Pbeggs

    Richard: thanks man I have always hated drilling a frame, just gives me that deep down sinking feeling

    Keep ridin

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