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    i wasnt sure where to put this so in general duscussion it goes!
    i was rideing my bike today, going about 30mph when i hit a stupid large bumb in the bike lane and lost controle and crashed. i was lucky enough to not break any bones, i just got some crapes and scratches. i was able to ride back home but while rideing at a lower speed around the neighborhood i noticed that the bike vibrates more than before. it also can kinda go a little faster. when i crashed the handlebars did a full 360 and the gas line was scraped oped. luckly i had a small bit of duct tape and sealed it realy quick.

    what should i check before i ride it again. i have already made sure that most everything is tight and stays put.

    im going to get a new gas line and the little plastic but that keeps the throttle still broke so ill replace that with a screw.
    any info will be greatly appreciated

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    absent an xray to locate cracks, I'd say to just ride carefully and do a lot of checking for things that may come loose or sit a bit crookedly all of a sudden

    the metals used are very cheap, and much like bending a coat hanger back & forth until it falls apart by itself, they can become quite weak after an impact

    muffler studs & motor mounts should be checked a lot
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    thanks, ill check it again but i dont think the motor was hit at all. ill check again just to be sure.
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    I meant, just look at it a bit each time you ride for a couple weeks - a weak engine stud may look fine today, but snap in a week from normal use in a weakened state.
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    heres an update, i took care of the minor repares to the bike and went on a ride today, maybe over 4 miles and even got it going pretty fast. as far as i could tell nothing is wrong with the motor and it ran fine. ill keep an eye on it though