After each ride rear wheel gets tight.


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1:30 AM
Mar 12, 2024
Bethlehem pa
Hello all, thanks for your time!
So I adjusted the flower nut and it's perfect, everything is as it should be, but by the time I returned my bike is super hard to peddle. This keeps happening. I've adjusted the flower nut three times so far. And it's perfect when I start out.....
I've disconnected everything and re-hooked it all up from scratch and I'm still having the issue...
It's like the clutch stays engaged just enough to make it difficult to pedal after a while.
I'm also kind of worried that perhaps I have overextended my clutch arm.. I don't know if that's a thing or not

I apologize for my noobieness in advance, however I have learned so much from this forum
I might be missing something here. Shouldn't you be pulling the clutch in when pedaling to make it disengage the engine? Sure would make pedaling easier.