After Market Air Filter on GXH50

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    I purchased some parts from Affordable Go Karts in Santa Barbara recently that make it possible to mount K&N Style Air Filters to the Honda GXH50/Clone motors. This adapter is built to go on the HondaGX160 or Gx200 but it bolts up to the GXH50 as well. You will need to purchase longer bolts, M5 X 100mm and a couple of washers. The adapter also has the cutouts in the back side for the various vents on the Honda Carb.

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    Holy huge! Breatheeeeeeeeeeeeee......nice.
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    nice find scully !!! :)
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    Good detective work Oscully. I think the thread pitch for those bolts is the standard metric pitch unlike the pitch for the exhaust manifold which is that unusual pitch same as on Harley Davidsons. I used to know the precise pitches I'm talking about but it's mentioned on other threads under Honda GXH 50. Would it matter if that air filter gets rained on?
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    One thing I should point out about this adapter is that as it comes from the supplier its made to take a filter with a 2 & 7/16th in.ID Flange Diameter. That's a pretty large opening and there don't seem to be a lot of low profile Air Filters that fit it. The filter I bought with the adapter is long 6 & 1/8th in. from flange edge to end of filter. When mounted to the adapter its 6 &1/2 in from tip of filter to mount face of carb. K&N has one really nice low profile filter that fits this adapter but its large OD 5 in., and price $52.00 make you think more than twice. I bought the adapter and filter to fit on a bike where I extended the front triangle of the frame 6 in. so there is more than enough room. But so far I have not found a filter that will fit it that will also fit into the space available on most frames used for building motorized bicycles. Its very possible that the OD of the adapter could be turned down to take a smaller filter. You would need to leave enough material at the base so it can bolt up to the carb.

    John you are correct that the mounting bolts are the standard M5 pitch.

    I've been told the the folks at Sick Bike Parts are working on an adapter that takes the smaller size Air Filters and will fit in the same space as the stock Air Filter. I look forward to this product coming to market soon.

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    AirFilter for AGK Adaptor

    This is a 60mm airfilter that will fit the Affordable Go Kart adaptor which is 63mm.Just leave it out in the sun for a little while to soften up the rubber boot then it will slide on.Nice and low profile to fit in those tight spaces.Thanx to ocscully for a great find ! ! Filter was purchased on Ebay.. Item number: 330368891041.

    Thanx MotoMagz

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    Yes the rumors are true. Sent the drawing to our sheet metal shop yesterday. We should have a sample mid next week. I will post a photo of it when I get it installed.