After Market Chain Tensioners -- where ??

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Mountainman, May 3, 2009.

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    ok -- first off I do realize that there are a few threads that cover this subject
    but -- many still seem to be dealing with the chain tensioner problem

    if this was not such a LARGE SAFTY ISSUE we could let it go

    but the facts are well known -- these THINGS -- chain tensioners

    can kill riders when they end up in the spokes or where ever ??

    I have seen some nice home built ones around -- where -- I don't remember

    and there are some after market ones somewhere -- where -- I don't remember

    can you all help out and post here after market chain tensioners ???

    my main concern is that in time someone is going to get killed
    when one of these DEFECTIVE THINGS gets into the wheel at speed !!!

    how many times do we read here about yet another one going into the spokes ??

    have a blessed day -- from - MM

  2. cpuaid

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    very well put, mountainman. i'm making this my priority because my new build is fast enough to scare most people riding it. the tensioner pulley is the weak link on multi-speed bikes with an offset rear wheel. if either the tensioner pulley , smaller teeth sprocket, or rear wheel moves slightly out of alignment to the engine sprocket, the rider is going to get seriously hurt when you're gunning down the road at 30+ mph. i spent over 3 hours reading every post about tensioner pulleys and have collected pictures and such on various home made ones. if anyone needs them i can email them to you. sorry but i neglected to document the names of the posters but i will try and go back and add them to my compilation because they really deserve proper credit.
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    forum tensioner pulley collection

    Here are some pictures of all the different styles of modified tensioner pulleys I have found from the forums. All credit is given to the original posters of said pictures.

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    forum tensioner pulley collection #2

    Some more examples I forgot to list.
    Type 12 is the bar as posted above.

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    a nice job of posting information up there cpuaid -- thank you

    yes -- as we see now -- there truly are many other ways to go -- much better

    I like the ones on the seat post tubes
    but a note
    if mounting on the seat post tube
    should be mounted on the bottom chain -- that's the return or slack chain
    top chain we could call the true drive ??

    ride that thing sideways -- without falling !!!

    PS -- now that we have this much needed easy to locate post
    I know that many of these are home made -- but also some are store bought
    hoping that some of you reading
    will also post the different companies that carry said chain tensioner items
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  8. Mountainman

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    40 dollars -- but worth it

    that's a very nice one misteright
    now -- I like that chain tensioner a lot

    some will think that 40 dollars spent is a lot of money
    but -- we think that in the long run -- well worth it

    ride that THING sideways
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    I agree, the seat post mounted units seem best. At least if it fails it isn't in the spokes. Fortunately for me I bought a half link and discovered that with everything seated in I could now remove a full link. I was able to remove my tensioner completely.
  11. Mountainman

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    thanks for all of your help so far motor bike riders

    not sure if the one or ones that attach to current tensioner would be good to use ??
    reason -- many times that is the part that goes wrong -- letting it twist on frame

    ride that THING on a 45
  12. Junster

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    I just got back from about 20 miles with no chain tensioner. What a difference. Much less vibration and alot smoother feel. I did the "t-shirt" shim behind the rear motor mount to adjust the chain. This is a way better ride now.
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    Large Fillipino made a good thread on a sprocket chain tensioner, same as on millions of current production bikes. Why reinvent the wheel? It 's as quiet as a rear derailler
  14. Mountainman

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    yes -- the one made by Large Man is nice -- for sure

    not trying to reinvent the wheel here
    just want to give riders a place to come to so as to get many good ideas regarding idler wheels

    when I worked with machinery for years
    saw many many different types of idler wheels - gears
    and most were super heavy duty -- almost never threw a chain or belt

    this is what is needed for motor bike riders

    be nice if those so called kits came with someTHING better !!!

    ride that thing sideways
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  15. azbill

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    the plastic gear will wear pretty quickly (a lot more force is applied to it)
    an old school metal gear would be perfect :cool2:
  16. coolshoeshine

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    can you email me...

    i have gone through 2 tensioners in pretty much a week!! or just where to get a replacement pulley!! its the pulley's bolts which keep breaking on me as i'm trying to find an adequate adjustment for them!
  17. AdamT

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    her is what i made. sporkets are from a derailer they are plastic. top one is a guide and bottom is a tensioner. put them under the chain to help hold them then the chain droops from gravity. works good so far. it is louder than with no chain but seems much safer...

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    That is brilliant AdamT. This is the best one I have seen so far.
  19. Mountainman

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    my eyes are trying to see this Adam

    kind of hard to see Adam
    do you have two idler sprokets on there ??
    if so
    the one on top maybe -- should be removed ??
    they are only meant to be used on the slack side of chain ((return side))

    have fun as we ride those things