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    This is my little "Buzz Bomb" 70cc. Shes been going strong for about a year now with little trouble mechanically so far, and nothing I couldn't fix quickly. Thank the gods of Loc-Tite!!! The first three photo's are from jujst after the shakedown cruise, which ended abruptly when a piece of glass punctured the rear tire, but otherwise went well. The last is a more recent pic showing some changes to the finished ride. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

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    pics are back

    sorry had to edit the file size. the first uploads came out like postage stamps. alls well now. thanks
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    Neat looking bug you've got there,nice man.....i see the pics have changed over time.
    Is that the standard gas cap painted red & what do u think of the suspension forks?
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    crappy gas caps

    The lock pins on the original cap fell off after a month so my neighborhood Kawasaki dealer sold me this one. The new cap doesn't leak and it came ready to paint. The forks are really nice. They make the ride alot more comfortable and take up some of the engine vibration too! I want to try a monarch style springer on the next build. Thanks for asking.
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    Leaking HT caps is a world-wide curse & i'm sure our members would be interested to know...EXACTLY what sorta Kwaka is that off please?
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    nice. i'm a sucker for red rims and white sidewalls :)