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    I really don't know what to say to begin. I've been around this world a long time and I have picked up a little here and a little there. Though this is my first Motorbike adventure. I have yet to get my little jewel running. I am almost positive it is the magneto or the coil as I have no spark. So as soon as I can figure out how to test these 2 little hot items-cold at this moment- I am hoping to get it running. I recently sold an 1800 CC 2002 Goldwing which I dearly loved:( but alas the cost of keeping it up and keeping it insured was more than my very thin billfold:oops: could swing. So the end of that era brings the beginning of another era in my life.
    I can already see from the short time I have looked at this site I am going to like it. Lots and lots of good and sincere info from the gitgo. Thank you for the invite.

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    hey 38 welcome, there are posts about your tests. sometimes the plug wire and/or plug are ng. auto parts coil wire and plug to start with. the wire just unscrews. good luck. mitch
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    Well thanks, Mitch I will certainly give that a try first. It will be cheaper than the coil or the magneto.