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    Wow, what a terrific audience.

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    Yeah, we're pretty easy to please.

    So, tell us a bit more. Do you have an MB yet? If so, then definitely tell us all about it.

    See you around.
  3. glacknoid

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    I sure do, It's a Ruby Red schwinn point beach cruiser with a honda 4 stroke, grubee gearbox and hopefully soon, a SBP shift kit. My second bike is a schwinn jaguar with all the same add ons.

    Both this and motorbicycleing,com have been very helpfull in getting advise and learning from others experiences both possative and negative. Just reading through different threads has me glued to my laptop for long periods, and so far it looks as though everyone is mature and respectfull of each other which is a plus.

    I haven't gotten much ridding time in since I didn't get most of the first bike completed till winter hit MN, but I'm looking forward to racking up some miles this spring,summer,fall. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new deveopements and discoveries with all the tallented people who use this web site. Soon as I get my bike completely compleeted, I'll try to take some descent photo's to share.

    Thanks for the welcome.
    p.s Wow, what a terrific audience was me quoteing Jimmy from South park
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    My Point Beach

    My Schwinn Point Beach with GEBE

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