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    I have a 48cc China kit (meant to bid on a 66/80, but failed to read, and then won), and I'm waiting for a Schwinn Landmark from Walmart, which should come this week. Prior to this, I had a Batavus Regency with clutch problems, and now I have a Yamaha U7E with air leaks.

    I just want something that runs!

    I picked a cruiser with cable brakes front and rear over a coaster brake bike based almost wholly on the coaster brake horror story thread. My wife hates the whole thing. Wish me luck!

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    welcome, you will love the Landmark . I have one with a 48cc starfire on it and its probably my favorite bike. the landmark and jaguars were made for these kits.
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    I'm just looking at an old thread of yours with pics of your Landmark, where you're talking about the clutch cable mod. I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to ditch the bars that come with it. They're like walking behind a ox and plow. I like the look with the tall bars. Find an adult-sized banana seat, and it would look like an old Stingray.

    How'd you do the bottom motor mount? I see it's a U-bolt, but how is it attached on the motor side?
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    Heres a close-up, you see how the plate just bolts on to the motor(and you have to kinda bend it to the contour of the frame to fit better.

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    Looks like I'm going to have to build or buy a different bracket, then. The one in my kit is only big enough to support drilling through the frame and bolting in the middle.