Air bubbles in my gas line... ALWAYS have to prime before ride.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by sparky, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. sparky

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    Basically, if I stop for more than a minute or two, I need to prime the carb, or else it doesn't get enough fuel.

    The first ride of the day, I need to prime it like 20 times before the bubbles are completely gone.

    The tank is full, the gas line goes all the way to the bottom of the tank.

    Anything else I should be considering??

  2. rat bike

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    hey howz it goin man. hey i have had that same kinda problem and what worked for me was to take out the rubber that i thought was helping me. when i took out the rubber all the crazy vibration was gone and no more air bubbles. hope it works out for you. PEACE OUT RAT BIKE
  3. have you got an inline filter, check that if you have fitted on in the fuel line yourself there is not one in the tank tap. they can conflict and cause problems.

    also remove the fuel bowl and see if fuel is getting thro to the bowl and the float stop is working ok.

    after this make sure the needle housing in the bowl is screwed into the bottom of the carb.

    thats all i can think of.
  4. Dave C

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    Try to run the fuel line downhill all the way. Most likely you'll have to shorten it a bit:helmet:
  5. wbuttry

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    look for air leaks in you fuel shutoff value or pin hoe in fuel line or similar i gotta prime the heck out of mine also i hit mine about 5 to 10 just to get fuel in the cylinder and choke my engine the start it after it fires remove the chike and try it again and it fires rite up to keep it running i half to goose the throttle a few time it will pick it up sooner or later hows your idle sometimes idleing it up will help on starting cause you already have fuel brought up to the cylinder just gotta get it in it.
  6. sparky

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    I don't know what rubber you're talking about. The only rubber i have is the little grommet that has two holes for the two fuel lines, and I'm definitely not removing that!!

    So you're saying if I had two filters, there could be a problem. I could see that. But I only have one -- at the end of the line, in the tank.

    I was thinking that maybe the "fuel bowl" is leaking or something, really.

    And I'm not sure about any needle housing. I don't have a happy time, so I don't think my carb works the exact same way. I've got a screw to adjust fuel/air ratio.

    I guess I could just replace the fuel line.

    I've already had to replace the "fuel bowl" once after it was sitting up for a year, so that is very likely my problem now, since I just got one from an older engine I had.

    Thanks, guys!!
  7. is the seal on the fuel bowl ok. if you replaced it it might be damaged but only enough to let the air in and not noticable.

    the only other way is to re adjust the mixture screws to factory settings and go from there.

    there is definatly fuel getting into engine.

    new to the whole moed bike thing but have worked with small engines and carbs for years. worked with mowers for most of it.