Air conditioning on your 80cc bike!?!?

Has any one tried a coolcan to cool off the gas, I wouldn't know if it would be any benefit to racing 2 strokes. Guess I could put some gas on ice before filling tank and find out.
Unless you are using an oxidizer, cooling the fuel is mute. The fuel Is cooled when it comes out of the jet. The factor needed to increase HP on cooling fuel, would be a lot more than a few degrees. Now if you are using an intercooler with a supercharger/turbo, a cool mist going through the fins to take the extra heat generated from compression would work great. I'm betting done properly you could get 3% more fuel/air in the cylinder than with air alone.
My home boy made a fuel cooling block out of four of those ice chest/ mini coolers that are 12v dc and a two blocks of aluminum that he had routed channels in and then married the two pieces with a fuel line in and fuel line out.

It seemed to work pretty good before he died in a fiery crash and burned up in a race.... just kidding just kidding it did work to drop his time but I don't think that that would be applicable with a two-stroke motor..