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    I was rooting around in my box full o' spare car parts and found this little guy. It's supposed to be a PCV breather when you take out your PCV valve for performance or whatever. My Camaro is perfectly happy with its valve in place.

    Anyways, this lil fella was about $5 at the parts store. It looks a lot like the aftermarket filters I keep seeing for small engines. The chrome bottom is pretty much the same size as the carb intake. I noticed that the aftermarket filters have a velocity stack or something that it mounts to. Others seem to have a short piece of wide diameter rubber hose and a hose clamp.

    I tried to use some old rubber gasket stuff wrapped around the filter and carb with a hose clamp, but my carb has two nubbins that stick out (in the pic). Rubber bands don't work very well either

    The other problem is that the center of the filter is not the center of the carb. I'm not sure how much that would affect airflow.

    honestly, I'm doing this because of the looks more than performance, although i bet this filters a lot better than the piece of open cell foam that's on there now. The packaging hints that its washable and rechargeable using either Spectre or K&N filter cleaner and recharge oil. That's cool for a $5 filter ;)

    Does anyone have some decent pics of the mounts for the aftermarket filters? Or ideas :D

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    well -- looks to be a good fit -- and as you say -- a very good looker

    I have noticed that many MB so called SPECIALITY PARTS are somewhat overpriced

    so some shopping around such as in this case -- MAY HAVE SOME GREAT PAYOFFS !!!

    ride that thing