Air/Fuel mix issues?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bogaurd, Jun 5, 2008.

  1. Bogaurd

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    Hi all,
    So far I have really been enjoying my 70cc happy time build, and it seems to be running fairly well.

    One thing I did notice riding it today & last night was some strange behavior with regards to the throttle - if I open the throttle, the bike starts to accelerate, and I can feel the engine enter the power band.

    Where it would normally start to pull hard, it's all of a sudden losing power - I can feel the difference in acceleration, the bike basically doesn't pick up any more speed, though the engine keeps revving constantly.

    Does this sound like the symptom of an airleak, or something else?

  2. spad4me

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    Your engine is gaining rpm's but your not accelerating.
    It sounds like your clutch is slipping. when your engine starts to pull hard.
    Check the clutch adjustment,as well as the starwheel adjustment.
    Do you have too much grease on the small gear in the clutch cover on the tight side of the engine that may have gotten in the clutch.
    Use a wall-e-world brake cleaner(cheapest one I have found around $2.00) to clean the clutch pads.
    Then re grease with a bean size blob on the small gear.
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  3. Bogaurd

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    No.. the RPM stay constant. The clutch isnt slipping, it feels like the engine is getting the wrong fuel mix or something. :???:
  4. eljefino

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    I bet it's a gas-getting-to-carb issue. Do you have the clear fuel line and can you see bubbles?