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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Porkchop, Jul 11, 2009.

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    For those that have thought about buying an Air Zound horn for your bike, and those that have never heard of them, I highly recommend them. The link below will take you to where you can get them for about $23.00 The lowest price I've seen them. They are ((( LOUD ))) and will definitely get someone's attention. I've checked out mine and you can get 30-40 good quick blasts from it before having to pump it up again. I've also left air in mine for several days with no leakage. Hope this helps.

  2. Mountainman

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    can not beat that loud thing

    that's a pretty heavy statement !!

    they are super loud -- that's for sure !!

    ride that thing
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    those are neat. Ive seen them around. I'll get one eventually. they also make a reusable airhorn called the ecoblast that you could strap on somehow but then you could use it for other things as well like for the boat, other bikes, scaring people, ect. but its the same thing just with a metal bottle attached.

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    I have an airzound.... I gave a squirrel a heart attack, the other day.

    I swear to gawd, I did!!

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    dose it actually sound like an airhorn. its hard to tell on the one youtube video i found
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    You bad ! Send me the squirrel. I'll feed it to my boa !
    So you really did that huh ? I don't doubt you at all. I'm sure the horn is loud enough. I know I've scared a few people in cars with mine using it legitmately.
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    Yo Code !
    Go to Walmart in the sporting goods section and get one of those dissaposible air horns, probably in the boating stuff and play with it. They are loud. Like you said, it's hard to tell from something on the web. They are louder than most car horns Last night my next door neighbor's 12 year old tried to scare me with the horn on his mom's Blazer. Trust me, my bike horn is way louder than it was. One thing I do before I take off on my bike now is make sure I have pressure in my horn air tank. They are ((( LOUD))) and come in darn handy. They're well worth $25.00 in my opinion.
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    I bookmarked the page in your link. Thanks. That looks like a very good safety item for not much money considering if it saves me from getting run over just one time. They always say (who are they anyway?) to be safe on a bike be seen and heard. I believe this covers the heard part very well.

  9. cspaur13

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    well those dissposibles are like 5 bucks. i would get a refilible one. they look the same as the dissposibles but they cost 20 bucks and you can use them for as long as you want if you have a compressor.
    did you not get the little pump that comes with it to fill it up. it looks small enough to take on a bike with you
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    Cody, I wasn't implying you should buy one of those deals at Walmart. I was just passing info for you to get a cmoparison test. I'm not familiar with a horn that comes with a small pump. However I just happened to see some small bike air pumps at Harbor Freight last week for $4.00. It's small enough to fit in my small handle bar bag. It seems to work well. Then again, China ! How long will it last ? I got it specifically to put air in the horn.
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    Be SEEN, be HEARD and most of all, BE SAFE !
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  13. Porkchop

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    Thanks Cody ! You're a day late and dollar short. I just bought a mini pump last week. I just sent you a PM. Read it !
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    hahaha that sucks. is the plastic bottle that holds the air. it looks thin and flimsy, dose it hold up good with 80psi and also can you adjust how loud it is. i thought i read something saying you could change the sound or the volume.
    yea i replyed
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    I'd say the bottle is kind of, sort of like a soft drink bottle. It holds air quite well. I've left air in mine for 3 and 4 days at a time on purpose to check for leaks. It holds up with no problem. And I had forgotten, but yes you can adjust the volume. It's just a small rotating valve that adjusts the amount of air that goes through it when you press the activation button.
  16. Mountainman

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    if the kind that is used on boats is bought
    better not leak

    Safty Approved

    we had one on our boat -- used it for a long time -- many times -- same can -- perfect