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    I've been wanting a horn for my motorbike but I didnt want to add any more to my handle bars, so I made this little plate that I will mount to the frame underneath the gas tank so its hidden . also I'm going to cut the lever shorter and flip it over so it's facing me, it will sit just under the kill switch and it can be activated by your thumb so it resembles a motorcycle horn button more View attachment 55347 IMG_20150106_125421_810.jpg IMG_20150106_125250_491.jpg

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    heh heh heh, wish i had had one of these the other day down the freeway when some idiot was too busy talking to his wife while changing lane to look and see if there was a motorbike right next to him... then gets annoyed because im punching his window... at a 110 km/h mind you...

    one of these and a window breaking tool...
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    after having this thing mounted under my tank for a little while I can say it makes a big difference. ive had to use it on a few cagers . . . . cruising in the bike lane and someone decides to turn into a parking lot with NO blinker. I blared the horn for a solid 5 seconds, they seen me after that!!