AIR LEAK 66cc Skyhawk

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Apachekid, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. Apachekid

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    Ive got a bike with 2 yr old 66cc Gruebee with a lot of miles.
    Here is what it does:
    Full choke - wont kill engine
    Half choke - only way it idles
    No choke - rpm's run way up

    At half choke engine runs good enough to get to main jet, has good topend, but engine over revs when clutch pulled in. Plug chop at WOT: whitish gray.
    Engine running hot and lean.

    Here is what Ive already done:
    -Replaced carb w/ O-ring
    -Replaced intake gasket, sealed carb to intake
    -Replaced head gasket
    -Replaced base gasket

    Still have same problem after each step - nothing changes. Sprayed all around for leaks - no change in idle. Have also checked gaskets on mag cover and clutch cover and tightened clutch stop bolt.
    Could I have crank seals leaking? Or, does anybody have any other ideas where it could be sucking air? Dont want to miss something easy before I take down engine............

  2. Rioexxo

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    Suck Air!

    Maybe it's actually too lean and the air is sucking just right? :idea: