Air leak on firestorm Zeda 80

Common spot with an easy fix. If the carb came with an O ring in the carb socket, make sure the intake is pressed up against it when tightening it down.

If it didn't come with an O ring, go to the parts store and get a viton rubber O ring that fits inside the carb that is close to the same thickness as the intake tube.
Only use one, and inspect the intake manifold for a casting ridge. File it off if there is one. You should have less than an 1/8" left between the carb and the shoulder on the manifold.
There’s no casting faults or anything that I can tell I’m just really confused as to what’s wrong because it’s all normal it’s just giving me a issue for no reason
I recently purchased a firestorm Zeda 80 engine kit for my bike because I needed a new kit and built it. I ran it for a few days and noticed that i have a high idle and I saw I have an air leak right where my carburetor clamps onto my intake so she runs really lean and customer service hasn’t been too much help so I wanna see if any of you guys can help me figure out what should I do to fix this issue because I’m not too sure I’ve just recently got into motorized bicycle kits back in December of 2022 (don’t worry I had a buddy who’s experienced in these kits help me build my kit and it’s a good build I wouldn’t say we did anything wrong I think it’s more of something on the manufacturers side) I added a photo so you guys can see where my air leak is. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?
Get a new nut and bolt, you really can't tighten the Chinese Hardware enough on the manifold. Make sure the o ring is seated, hold it snug the the head, and tighten it up good. Make sure the carb cable rubber fitting is snug as well.
I had the same issue recently with my Zeda 80. I couldn’t get the O-ring to seal no matter what I did. I ended up removing the O-ring and using some silicon ear plug putty just because I had it on hand lol. It’s worked for now maybe 100ish miles? I’ve heard of people using some different silicon sealant. It’s supposed to degrade when in contact with fuel but I figured it’s nothing I can’t just fix again when I get another air leak. I might try shoe goo next since I have some on hand and it seems like it would hold up better than putty. Also someone correct me if what I’m doing is in some way disastrous to my engine. I can’t see why it would be but you never know…