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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Junk dog Coops, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Junk dog Coops

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    So I've cleaned everything , checked everything , clued intake manifold to engine so there's nothing there,and also carb to intake I clued,I checked everything has very good spark and fuel is getting through fine,has a fuel filter,fuel line seems ok,so I don't know what else to do? The bike starts and runs but is a bit bog ish .loss of power at very low speed,it's in the proses of break in ,doing 20:1 for 2 tanks.halfway through the works fine when you rev it more than a half,but Its so sluggish when it's only got a little bit of throttle,in neutral if you rev it than it bogs down before revving up,is it the fuel line? I have no clue ,plz HELP,also when choked fully it takes forever to die out. Thanks for any help

  2. Roy K

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    You could try checking your head bolts are tight as they can become loose and make sure the air filter is secure and not letting air in.
  3. Purple Haze

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    It's running rich. Remove air filter and see if choke is opening all the way. If it is, remove needle and raise the clip to the top notch. If it runs better there but still bogs at WOT, install a leaner jet. I recommend a #62 - #66 (the stock jet is #70)
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    Try no gas filter ! I know it sounds strange but will help .Run mine for 2yrs with no probs!
  5. butre

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    you should have seen the amount of garbage in my fuel filter when I replaced it