Air Oil Passageway from Case to Valve cover Vent

Nov 14, 2018

Air oil passageway from case to valve cover vent.
Quenton recommended using an air oil passage tube. So i thought, lets try it and see if it will control the air and oil venting.
Of course I put my own spin on it.
I use aluminum all thread ( used for lamps )
I threaded the vent hole in the bottom of the cyl. Marked and cut the all thread (air oil passage tube ) to length. Put a slot (hole ) in the bottom rear for oil drainage. Then cut a notch in the top rear. I screw the air oil passage tube all the way in through the cyl vent hole bottoming it out at the top of the valve tappet housing. The notch I cut in the top of the air oil passage tube points facing the rear wall of the valve tappet housing This controls the air oil spraying out forcing the air oil against the back valve tappet housing wall. Instead of the air oil spraying up and forward straight out the valve cover vent
I found this set up of the air oil passage tube to perform the best in controlling and preventing the oil from venting out through valve cover vent.
Hope this info can help someone.


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