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    After years of working as track crew I have been hired as a full tech for the U.S.H.R.A. Monster Jam!
    Now the problem....They are going to fly me from Pittsburgh to Chicago for tech school. I haven't flown on a big plane since my "navy" days back in the late 70's. I don't know what to expect with all the new laws.
    Just what am I allowed to take? I know I'll check one bag with my cloths and bath room stuff and would like to carry my lap top with me.
    Friends are telling me that they won't allow shampoo, toothpaste and stuff like that. My lap top bag is like my mini brief case. I carry pens, pencils, rules, you know, just general suff.....are they all considered weapons??
    I'll be happy to follow the rules but I don't want to get there and find out I have to throw stuff away to fly or keep my stuff and stay home!

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    You will find the answers to your questions under the "before you go" section.