Tires Airfree Tire Review

A lot of MB riders are using really wide mtb or beach bike rims. I think those Amerityres are made for skinny mtb rims. Its important. Their website lists the widths and depths of the rims necessary for holding them on well with the tire selected.

I think they would work well unless you leave them out in the sun all the time.

I hope to get some off someone who didn't like them, for a low price. I am a recreational rider with a few different average bikes and a wife who rides her bike very seldom. I want to know if these tyres hold up to heavy riders.
I think they would be great for low impact, low speed use on sandy surfaces, but I don't know about running them on MB.

For $40 each, I hope they have some guts! I plan to try some sometime on a pedal bicycle, probably a rainy day beater or fishing bike.

A guy named Duct Taped Goat (banned) said his wore out and fell off.

Some people swear by these though, so I guess time will tell if they are a hot new trend or fringe market.

I am live and well and not banned - been driving 2" wide rims and haven't gotten into wide air free tires research yet.