AL.Fisherman.Are you alright?

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  1. anthony1973

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    I sent a motor to you and Sorry I was late on It.I been busy and had some personal problems to deal with.I sent you a motor 7 to 9 days ago and just want to know If you got It yet? Has AL>Fisherman been alright?Not seen him here lately being I did a 2 week ban.Someone please notify him I sent him a spare parts motor and hope he got It.And to drop me a pm and let me know If He received It yet. UPDATE!!!!!Got In touch with AL FISHERMAN.This thread Is null and void.
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  2. GearNut

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    He's been around. I have a set of cases to ship to him that he is going to try and repair the rear mounts on, experimental stuff.
    I have been lagging on getting them mailed due to personal reasons, feel bad about it.
    I just did a search on him and he's posted today.
  3. anthony1973

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    Cool,Thanks for the heads up.Far as I am concerned AL.Fisherman and rich are very beneficial to the motoredbikers like us and to the community and are the reason this website Is so strong and respected.Their help and pics and know how of fixing things Is just going above and beyond the call of duty.