AL.FISHERMAN is 1 smart cookie!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by DeathProof, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. DeathProof

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    listen to this man noobs he seriously knows his bikes and has helped many here! he needs a spot here on MBc so u can jus click on him for help. THANKS AL FOR ALL YOUR FORUM HELP HERE! :smile:

  2. DeathProof

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    there is TONS of help from AL.FISHERMAN in 95% of these forums i only listen to his advice and so far my bike rides 100% no problems whatsoever he is the first person u should ask if u got a problem with ur bike hes a professional
  3. Neon

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    I won't argue with you there. Just don't get him angry. you won't like it.
  4. Cavi Mike

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    If people aren't replying to your pointless threads, it's because they are pointless.
  5. DeathProof

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    lol someone replied i sence some jealously giving someone a little respect isnt pointless its whats missing in the world today :smile:
  6. Al.Fisherman

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    Thank you, it's members like you that make my post worthwhile. I get put out that people don't do any research on their own, weather it be on the forum using the search button, or through the many search engines available at the click of a button, and typing a few words. Some want to take the easy way out. In my upbringing I've always learned that you retain more if YOU look things up for yourself instead or asking. Granted, there are times that you need to ask. Don't get me on that fact that members can't express themselves and using terms like "thingy" and the such (question on another forum, "Where Can You Get a Grinding Thingy"(WTF is that?) . Use the best proper terms you can, and if you don't know what the item is, here you go......
    And posting pictures...let's not even go there........

    This phrase reminds me or that.
    Wise men learn from their mistakes, even wiser men learn from other people’s mistakes.
    Wise men talk (type) because they have something to say. Fools talk (type) because they have to say something.

    Have a GREAT day.
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  7. BigBlue

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    "Where Can You Get a Grinding Thingy" reminds me of my high school wood shop class when my buddy ask the instructor where that "thingy" was and the instructor responded, "I don't know where your "thingy" is, but mine is in my pants". From that point on, my buddy always knew to ask for the correct tool!

    AKA: BigBlue
  8. Al.Fisherman

    Al.Fisherman Active Member

    GOOD answer
  9. tooljunkie

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    notice me no puttie up photos....
    i tried to resize them,but i dont think i can chuck em up in my lathe....
    i got the other kind of skill.

    I have read many of Ron's posts,i have deduced he is a very intelligent,patient man.
    not anywhere have i seen him tell anybody where to get off.
    keep it up,sir -you give this forum a good name!
    as a member of many forums,its people like you that keep people coming back.
  10. Neon

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    You probably never will either. I have been told where to go by this man though. Wasn't on this particular forum. It was my own fault. I said something i had no right to say. But any comments were i believe deleted immediately. Or at least that's what it looked like.
  11. Sgt. Howard

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    I've tapped his experiance on more than one occasion- I believe he was the one who told me about the ground coil connection issue on the 'China Tramp's magneto... I've passed that on to several others who now consider ME wise- no, not wise- just instructed by one who knows his biscuts.
    the Old Sgt. :army:
  12. DeathProof

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    i had problems many times and when i check the threads and stickys i tend to read and do wat al says. im sure theres many other knowledgeable people here also but his ways havent failed me yet! i yet to see him stumped lol
  13. DeathProof

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    oh and your very welcome AL , im just giving credit where credit is due and showing that you DO matter here