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Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by built_to_go, Mar 6, 2012.

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    I can't upload my picture from my profile but if you take a look under my seat on my bicycle that is a alarm I got from ebay for 5 dollars its a shock sensor 120db. I mean its not extremely loud but my opinion is anything that makes noise is a deterrent.. I haven't had any problems I park it in high traffic areas that way if someone tries to move it, it will alarm and people will at least notice it. I work for a alarm company and its all about alarm notification in my opinion.

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    here in key west all bikes have to be parked at bike racks so people are always bumping your bike so that wouldn't work for me. if it works for you thats good though.
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    we need a alarm and tracking system hidden in the bike frame this way even if he gets the bike and destroys the alarm u still got the gps inside the frame and pull up to the thiefs house and kick the **** outta him and get ut bike back lol id love to see the look on his face as u pull up to his house with a bat or cops either way:grin5:
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    actually i jus found this that would do
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    a car alarm siren,a generic motion sensor(adjustable) and a 9v battery with a hidden switch or a cheap key switch works very well,it screams like a banshee if someone moves it.time to do a little how-to.
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    lol sounds like a alarm id buy. surprised no ones invented a good bike alarm yet.
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    Has anyone tried the Pegasus Technologies GPS device? I am considering it for my next build. Seems like a good investment if it is legit.
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    just do what i do 3 locking device,s. the more you make them work the more offten they leave ur mb alone.,..