Tubes alas i fricken hate flats!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by linnix13, Apr 23, 2009.

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    so i blew so many back tires before it used to drive me crazy! i recently bought a Kevlar tire and a slime filled tube. now i used to get around 50k on a standard tire and tube before i ran over something and blew a flat, the slime and Kevlar tire had around 600-650k on them then today whilst hoping up and of of curbs doing 40kph it happened. now i ended up riding around 2km before i noticed the tire was going flat. i managed to limp home only to have the tube get caught on my sprocket and be torn to shreds. my Kevlar tire still has alot of tread on it so im thinking i will just throw a new tube in there and see what happens. do you guys think it was a pinch flat or i hit something sharp, im not sure the curbs did it because it went flat a few minutes after that. my tire was at 40-50psi at the time, i cant analyse the tube because its now non existent!(not to self: do not go 30 with a flat!) my tire looks ok i couldent find anything wrong with it and it was fairly expensive so i dont want to replace it prematurely. i remember when i got a flat before and put a new tube it it popped through a hole once i pumped it up and i dont want that happening again. well thanks guys!

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    I've tried to emphasize cushioning the inside of the wheel, taping 3-5 layers of electric tape over that rubber gasket. The last flat I got was a pin-***** caused by a spoke-end, not road debris.

    That solves 50% of the problem.

    And zip-ties on the spokes makes it less likely one of those will work loose and cause an "inside" puncture job.