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    Well heres another "boardtrack" type bike that I just finished a few days ago. I started out just wanting to build a pretty simple motored bike, but after making up a few sketches, it turned out to be a bit of a motorcycle! Basics are: rear triangle off an old roadmaster bike, the rest of the frame is entirely handmade. Lifan 150cc, 5 speed. Got it up to about 50, but it has plenty more, plus one more gear! Built the tank and battery box from 16g sheet metal, solid! Fabbed the headset, bolt heads all linkages, rear brake, brackets, seat mounts, pedestals, sprocket started life as a quarter inch chunk of plate. Fenders are bought and wheels are worksman cycle with 11g spokes and front drum, excellent wheels! I still need to paint the wheels and mount the horn, but its good for now. Took it a motorcycle show its first time out and won best bike of the night. This is my first motored bike/motorctcle build ever and was all done with very common tools, by me in my single car garage. I painted and striped the thing in my driveway, but it turned out pretty good! From sketch to completion was exactly 9 weeks. I have a ton more pictures but I'll just post these for now. Enjoy!
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    Nice, but hardly a motor-assisted BICYCLE which is what this site is all about.
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    You are my hero!
    That bike is beautiful! - a perfect blend of retro styling with a modern powerplant.
    Your attention to detail is nothing short of amazing. I really like the Vee Dub too.
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    wheres the pedals? please keep it under 30 so the rest of us can still ride! very nice build, but not a motor assisted bicycle! hope ya have your endorsement for that baby! good work!!
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    Yikes! I know its no longer a bicycle. Originally was intended to be but when I found the engine at a good price, I couldn't pass it up. Thus making pedal assist all but obsolete. I have a motorcycle endorsement yes, but I still need turn signals and a horn to be able to register this thing. This past week here in Reno was a huge bike event called street vibrations, I was out all week riding it around town, and not once was harassed by the fuzz. In fact one pulled up next to me on their cruiser to talk about the bike. I asked him about the legalities of getting it registered and insured. He said it can be registered as a vintage replica with no problem. I still need to look into it this week.
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    great craftsmanship.
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    Regardless of whether or not this counts as a motorized bicycle, the photos and description in this post is still useful for us in our true bicycle constructions. I disagree with those giving him a hard time for this post. Very nice build.
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    It works for me. Great work and that's what it's all about, gave me some ideas.
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    I think we need more BIKES like this on this site. Trust me this is a good thing. Besides I kind of like keeping up with traffic and not feeling as though I may be a hindrance to traffic at times. The bike chip made is beautiful and well thought out. Not some 99 buck Wal-mart deathtrap. Keep it up chip build ten more and sell them for 5k each.
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    I welcome creations like this, the Captain American Chopper and others. While they no longer have pedals they started out as bikes. I believe the owner/creators of these bikes are our kindred spirit and therefore should be welcomed. Not berated! If these type of bikes are not welcomed here, where would they go? I'm almost sure the rice rocket and Harley crowd wouldn't accept them.

    Outstanding job, Chip!!!

    O one more thing I notice its only members that are not suportive not mods.
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    It amazes me that a person can take just a box of parts and a frame and turn out ART... Something absolutely breathtaking and some users here worry about no pedals...

    Check your pm dude.
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    I started sketching this thing out before I even knew there was a motored bike community. Found this site and others while doing some research and some on here, (old dude and Simpson) have helped me out with parts I was looking for. Since I took a few helpful tips from here, I decided to post photos so others may do the same. If anyone here has questions about it or gets any ideas to help improve their rides, all the better. Its actually been very well received at the five or six motorcycle shows I've taken it to so far, but I built it for me to enjoy, not so much spectators.

    Motoschwinn, thanks!
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    This is exactly where you should be, very nice build. Its sad that the first thing that some of these hacks notice is that you don't have pedals and not the amazing job you did building it. Looks like a bicycle frame to me. Well done
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    What does this mean? Looking back on the thread I only see members that are supportive. I'm thinking this was a typo.

    Chip, we are glad you joined and posted here. Your bike is a great example of what can be done with some gathered up parts and materials. We have quite a few people on here that are very knowledgeable and share that knowledge with us. You mentioned a few that helped you.

    Keep it up. I cant wait to see the next bike you build.

    Beautiful bike.
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    The only people that were unsupported are members. No moderators were against this type of build, actually they haven't said anything. It looks now like an overwhelming number of members do support these type of bikes.
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    I know where they can go...
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    beautiful bike!
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    Very pleasing to the eye. It's well worth the time you spent. Its a beauty!