Alert!!! 2 stroke chinese engines

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    If your new chinese 2 stroke motor does not run right,( have to choke it to run, etc) the chinese believe that the carburetor does not need a gasket and it is a slip on clamped down carburetor. As anyone who knows physics will attest to, an air leak will kill a 2 stroke motor. If you buy a chinese 2 stroke motor and it does not have an oring gasket for the carburetor to intake manifold pipe, I advise you to make your own. The easiest way is to apply some silicone glue to the inside rim of the carburetor before installing it on the intake manifold pipe. Good luck to you and happy motor biking.

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    these carbs have been installed this way for years on these engines.
    this is not something new that no one knows has been discussed MANY times here.
    did you know that the 49 c.c. engines don't even use the intake tube?
    the carb. is mounted directly to the cylinder with long studs and nuts, and yes, there is a thick gasket between the carb. and the cylinder. i personally think this is a much better set up.
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    Of course you folks have been doing this for years and are completely aware that chinese stuff is junk. You see, I am brand new to motorized bikes. I just got my very first chinese 2 stroke engine kit. Sorry to be a bother. I'll just shut up.
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    No need to feel like a bother or to shut up.....just one, read, search and read some more.
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    It's all good, Pauly20782! Don't harsh on yourself so bad, I think it's good that you shared something that you know concerning these little engines.
    That particular problem has been known of for years and years, but being you are new here, you did not know that yet.
    Searching posts will help alleviate embarrassment in the future though.
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